Russia Threatens Troops Deployments

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that the government is prepared to send Russian military forces to the boarder to defend itself from further deployment of American missile defence system in Europe. The Medvedev government has made it clear since the US and NATO announced the proposed missile shield that Russia is to be involved in it, or they would be challenging it. Russia has been seeking assurances that such a system will not be used against them. However the US and NATO have refused thus far to include Russia in its development or sign legal documentation promising that the weapon system will not be used against them.

Medvedev has said that he plans on escalating action to deal with the growing threat if NATO is not willing to engage with Russia over the placement of weapons. He said this at a meeting with his and Prime Minister Putin’s supporters on Thursday.

“Our response to European missile defense will be gradual. The first stage has already been completed – that was the launching of the radar system in Kaliningrad… We are only saying that if our partners fail to come to terms with us on certain parameters in the coming 10, nine or eight years, we will be compelled to make some steps.”

In my opinion much of this hostility is over the energy resources in Iran. The US is currently seeking the overthrow of the regime in favour of one that will co-operate with US interests and continue to trade in the US dollar. Much of this has been done under the pretext of preventing nuclear proliferation in the region. However no evidence of any nuclear weapons has been presented in the last 3 years since the accusations began. The plan for the missile shield to to defend the US and allies from non-existent nuclear weapons being fired from Iran.

Currently Russia and Iran have a great deal of energy trading taking place and have been long standing allies. Russia is no doubt noticing the threat the US poses to its important partner and is interested in maintaining its ally. An over throw of the Iranian government and the installation of a US puppet regime would see those energy assets redirected towards America and not Russia.

Last week the Russian leader announced that Russia will deploy Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad Region in order to combat the threat posed by NATO forces. This situation has to possibility to escalate into another Cold War if NATO doesn’t agree to involve Russia in their defence plans. The last thing we need is to have two large nations pointing weapons at each other across the globe like we did in the Soviet era. Hopefully this situation can be resolved peacefully with any loss of life.