US Caught Smuggling Weapons to South Korea

It appears that the United States government has been caught secretly shipping weapons to South Korea. The government of Finland has leaked information that they have detained a shipment of US manufactured weapons on their way to South Korea. According to the leak the ship was impounded on December 15, but its explosive contents were only leaked to the media on Wednesday. The ship docked in the Finish port of Mussalo in Kotka on December 13. The shipment was believed to be en route to South Korea from its departure from Germany.

When the Finnish government started investigating, it turned out that the ship, called the ‘Thor Liberty’, is privately owned. While docked in Finland it took on a cargo of wood that was said to be on its way to China and South Korea. While it was loading the cargo it attracted the attention of law enforcement. This was reported by the Finnish Interior Minister who called the situation ‘abnormal’. The minister added that the weapons were not a danger to the population around the port, but the weapons were being “transported in an unsafe manner.”

According to Russia’s RT, the Thor Liberty was built in Germany in 1994 and belongs to Dania Marine, which is registered on the Isle of Man. The crew reportedly consists of citizens of Ukraine.

On board the ship law enforcement found 69 surface-to-air Patriot missiles and 160 tons of picrite explosives, all of them listed on the manifest as being “fireworks”. The underhanded nature of labelling of them as “fireworks” shows that these weapons were intended to be delivered somewhere covertly. The fact that South Korea is the intended destination of the weapons makes it positive that it was the US sending the weapons. Interesting to note is that since the weapons were being sent in such a covert manner, they were clearly not made public, possibly even Congress was not aware they were being sent. This shipment of weapons was being done without the knowledge of the American taxpayer.

The minister said German police are co-operating with the Finish investigation team who are looking into the incident. However since the government says that the ship will be released after Christmas, we’re all aware that these weapons are not going to be confiscated or the shipment be stopped. Nor will any “investigation” by Germany turn up anything incriminating as they are a staunch ally of the US.

Many are waiting for a statement from China regarding the matter. Given that the ship was going to dock in China at some point on its way to South Korea, a cargo of US weapons was clearly going to be in China. This may raise Chinese ire considering these weapons were clearly intended to be used against its ally North Korea. No statement from the Chinese has been given yet.

Time will tell how Americans deal with their government being caught selling weapons without their knowledge.