Former First Lady Meets Kim Jong-un

According to Seoul’s unification ministry the former first lady of South Korea visited new North leader Kim Jong-un. Lee Hee-Ho said that she made the trip to North Korea with a 13-member delegation to give condolences to Jong-un for the death of his father from a heart attack on the 17th. The Seoul officials insist that she is making a personal trip and not one on behalf of the South Korean government. Lee Hee-Ho said she was making the trip in the hopes of improving the relationship between the two countries. Lee Hee-Ho is one of only two delgations that have been allowed to vists North korea since the death of its former leader Kim Jong-il.

The second delegation was led by Hyundai chairwoman Hyun Jung-eun who also visited the Kumsusan Memorial Palace to pay respects to the deceased leader as well. The delegates held a lunch meeting with unidentified officials in Pyongyang later on Monday before paying last respects to Jong-il, according to the South’s unification ministry, which handles inter-Korean affairs.

It was Lee Hee-Ho’s husband Kim Dae-jung who met with Kim Jong-il at the first ever inter-Korea summit in 2000. At this time it is not known what was discussed between the Lee and the younger Kim. Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett, reporting from the border between the two countries, said that Hyundai had done a lot of business with North Korea.