Anti-Ford Bias? Get A Clue Warmington

It seems the Toronto Sun either isn’t very bright or is trying to advertise that they are a subsidiary of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s municipal office. In the January 2nd edition of the paper, known political re-brander “The Night Scrawler” Joe Warmington put forward a downright transparent attempt to “prove” there is an anti-Ford bias in the media. Not only does he absolutely fail to do so, (showing what a tool he is,) he also adequately demonstrates that he may lack a knowledge of mass media 101.

The transparency of the pro-Ford agenda of the Toronto Sun is as obvious as its prejudice towards ethnic minorities and homosexuals. In this particularly God awful display, Warmington quotes what he calls a “regular commentator” speaking about the recent revelations about Ford’s history with domestic disturbances and 911 use:

“In some press outlets, he looked like a wife beater, a drunk, a kidnapper, an abuser of his office, a serial 911 caller, and an international fugitive Grinch taking his kids to Florida and away from their mother for Christmas. Then they are all seen together and the original portrayal now appears to be quite inaccurate and no one bothers to mention it? What gives?

– “Regular Commentator”

First I’d like to point out that he never reveals who this “regular commentator” is. It would be nice to be provided with a source, but I’d wager it was just another person at the Sun, if not completely fabricated. However, the point is to make it appear as though a lot of people are saying this, and this is just a random person from that great number. But I digress from this ridiculous statement.

“In some press outlets,” by that I think he’s referring to the Toronto Star who broke the story as an exclusive. However he could be referring to all other media in Ontario, seeing as he (and this paper) is convinced that there is anti-Ford bias conspiracy. It would be nice if he would have been specific here.

Mr. Warmington’s mystery guest commentator then proceeds to claim Ford was made out to be all sorts of nasty things. However the reality is quite different. the Star who broke the story quite specifically said that the Toronto Police Youth and Family Violence Unit who handles these matters said there was no violence. No one implied or even questioned if there had been violence. It was stated very clear for the record.

Some of the other images may be more true than Warmington would like to admit. One of those calls from the Ford home, the Christmas morning one, did involved alcohol. His mother-in-law called making a complaint about his behaviour while drinking. As for “kidnapper”, that same night he was trying to take his kids to Florida against his wife’s wishes. That is why the call was made, and taking a child out of the country without the permission of the other parent IS kidnapping. He did not take the child out of the country, but if he had, he would have been guilty of a crime. Mr. Warmington, you need to get your facts straight; it was not a case of almost “taking the kids to Florida away from their mother for Christmas”. It was almost a case of child abduction, a serious crime. Not the mere inconvenience you tied to make it out to be.

As for “serial 911 caller”, what makes you even think that? What is the benchmark a title like that? The police records show that there have been many calls in the past few years to their home. Access to information act requests have bene largely denied, so we don’t know exactly how many or what they were about. It was said straight forward that an exact number is unknown. This is pure hyperbole on your part.

The last item in those list of allegations, is the abuse of office. No mainstream media actually accused him of using his office to get out of trouble with unknown number of run-ins with the police. However it would be outright naive to think that ANY politician wouldn’t use their position to get out of trouble. It just shows how much worship Warmington and the Sun has for Ford, actually believing he couldn’t be corrupt. Not saying that he is or isn’t corrupt, but that he couldn’t be.

The main point of this article by Warmington is to complain that the media gave so much attention to it. Sure, he admits that the Mayor calling 911 is news that should be covered. However he still feels the need to complain about it. His guest commentator even shows his own naïveté, or bias by actually asking why media didn’t make a big deal out of everything in his family life when its okay.

Well there is a reason for that, its because the media tends toward sensationalism. All mainstream media does this, they cover exciting and controversial things (even if they have no relevance) so that you will buy their paper or watch their television program. Warmington should know quite well what sensationalism is, after, he’s published in a news paper that provides a half-naked women everyday so that people will read it. Exploit a woman in order to get people buy it.

If you think its not a big deal to its readers, I remind you of the uproar that occurred when the Sunshine Girl was moved from the front of the paper to the back. Retailers (and the Sun) were complaining that men were just opening the front page to see the picture and then not buying the paper. Retailers were losing money and demanded a change. That’s the average Toronto Sun reader. Just being in the Sun Mr. Warmington is a blow to your journalistic integrity, never mind this actual article.

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