Anonymous vs. German Nazis

The hacktivist community Anonymous seem to have begun a campaign against far right Nazis online. In a statement believed to be released by Anonymous announced that they will be revealing and identifying “sites where the nazis gather.” A website has been advertised as they place they have set to to reveal information on the now resurgent German far right.

Operations have already begun, has already published a host of personal data, including e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, of people Anonymous believes to be funding the National Democratic Party (NPD). The NPD is an extreme right party in Germany, and has been accused of conducting business with neo-Nazi sites. Emails containing customer lists from far-right businesses has been posted to the internet for public viewing. Also exposed was the various writers of Jungle Freiheit (Boys Freedom) newspapers which is in the hundreds. The Daily Mail reports that more than 1000 names have been released on the site in what the group is calling Operation Blitzkrieg. Named after the famous military tactic invented by Nazi Party member Heinz Wilhelm Guderian.

It is believed that the NPD is planning legal action against the website, but no public statement has been made yet.

Already the liberal community is bashing the move to confront the Nazi threat head-on. Simone Rafael from the anti-Nazi web forum said this speaking to the BBC:

“Putting the addresses and names of people onto the internet is the wrong way to do this.

“This is a lot of data, but there are already some names where it’s clear the people are not right-wing extremists.”

This is a typical liberal response, a refusal to actually tackle the problem head on. Liberal tactics are usually meaningless symbolic gestures towards change without actually going ahead and accomplishing anything. Which is why even John Lennon even gave up on peaceful liberalism. I would not be surprised if this was a little embarrassing for for their website. Despite its time in operation.

Unfortunately access to the site is limited, it may possibly even be blocked in Canada. I have made several attempts to access the site but have be directed to something entirely different. Despite this difficulty the information has been mirrored on other sites like the Anonops communications blog.