Thousands US Troops Deployed To Israel

At this moment right now very little media is reporting the fact that the US is in the middle of sending thousands of troops to Israel to prepare for an invasion of Iran. Russia Today along with several others are reporting this development. Previously it was reported that US troops are moving into Jordan while thousands are there right now. What little media are reporting these events are saying that an attack on Tehran will be coming soon.

The Jerusalem Post quotes US Commander Lt.-Gen Frank Gorenc in saying it is not just an “exercise” but also a “deployment” that will involve “several thousand American soldiers” heading to Israel.

In the next few weeks America and Israel will be conducting joint military drills at an undisclosed time. These exercises will be undertaken during the Austere Challenge 12 drill. This is set to be the biggest joint-exercise drill involving missiles ever. This comes after more US troops were sent to the Strait of Hormuz and US weapons were sent to countries near Iran. The Iranian government has stated that these are not a show of force, but a build up of forces readying to invade.

In the drills, a test of the American Theater High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, missile system along side its ship-based Aegis system. These will be conducted in addition to Israel’s own Arrow, Patriot and Iron Drone missiles.

Israeli officials are saying that it is only a joint exercise to test the capabilities of the weapons, not an attempt to intimidate Iran.

Meanwhile the US has also obtained the assistance of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in preventing Iran’s peaceful development of nuclear technology. Recently the US gave Saudi Arabia nearly $30 billion worth of F-15 war planes and worked out a deal to with Dubai to give the UAE “bunker buster” bombs that are capable of destroying underground facilities.

With a military build up of US forces in several surrounding countries, a show of force in the Strait of Hormuz, along with the distribution of weapons to its allies, its next to impossible to claim that the US is not preparing a military operation against Iran. Clearly US imperialism is stepping up its hostility towards Iran despite having shown no evidence of any attempt to build nuclear weaponry. Currently the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons is in Israel, a country known for invading sovereign nations.