North Korea New Year’s Eve Massacre Fraud

According to several media outlets in the world, last Saturday, which was New Year’s Eve, it is claimed that North Korean soldiers shot dead three defectors while crossing the Amnok River/Yalu river on the boarder with China. The claim comes from the US-based Radio Free Asia broadcast on Tuesday. In almost all of the articles on the matter, where Radio Free Asia itself is getting its information on this supposed incident, is not stated. However Al Jazeera is saying the claim comes from South Korean activists.

“People waiting at the Chinese side across the river to help the three defect saw the scene. The guards took with them the bodies which were lying on the ice.”

– Do Hee-youn South Korean “Activist”

South Korea’s intelligence service said it could not immediately confirm the reported shootings. At the time of this publishing they have not been able to confirm anything at all. The only source of this claim is from so-called activists who are dedicated to opposing North Korea. Not a single source out side of this so-called activist group is making the claim. Nor have the names of any of the supposed victims been released. Interesting to note, is that activists never seem to have any cameras, still or video to verify these claims.

According to other sources Kim Jong-Un has ordered that anyone attempting to leave the country be killed on the spot. This claim comes from Japanese daily Sankei Shimbun and South Korea’s Seoul based JoongAng Daily. In other words, they come from notoriously anti-North Korean sources. Along the lines of believing the US media over claims of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

World media has finally accepted that while North Korea will continue to function the same, imperialism will go on functioning the same as well.