US Forces To Kuwait For Iran Invasion

As the US continues to claim that it wants a peaceful solution to the nuclear ambitions of Iran, the Department of Defence has just sent 15,000 US troops to the neighbour of Iran, Kuwait. The two countries are separated only by the Persian Gulf. General James Mattis, the Marine Corps head has pushed for a long time to have more troops stationed there. According to US government sources the general was given permission from the the White House last year to send additional US troops.

This latest deployment of troops has been carried out with the mainstream media being quiet for the most part. In fact Iran is surrounded on all sides by hostile US forces despite claims of a possible peaceful solution. Late last year the US supplied the United Arab Emirates with weaponry capable of destroying underground facilities. For a while now US forces have occupied nearby Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Just recently it was revealed that thousands of US forces have been sent to Israel under the guise of conducting military drills.

The United States has claimed that they are seeking a peaceful resolution to the legal and just desire to have nuclear technology. Both America and Israel have claimed that Iran has been developing nuclear weapons along side nuclear energy. Although, neither side has shown any evidence of this being the case. Daily these claims are made that Iran is refining nuclear materials to a weapons grade. Three years ago it was claimed that Iran was manufacturing weapons grade uranium. It takes about 14 months in a centrifuge to refine uranium to weapons grade. It has been three years since the claims started. If we are to believe the US, then those weapons should have already been made by now. Rockets have previously been manufactured and tested. This would mean the weapons would currently be in existence.

I personally am not going to fall for the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie.