Mikhail Gorbachev May Get His

It may be twenty years too late, but at least it looks like it might get done. A group has filed a complaint with the Investigative Committee asking that they begin a criminal investigation into Mikhail Gorbachev. The group has says that they are seeking to have him charged with “high treason” for his actions surrounding the end of the USSR. A group of Russian citizens is asking that the Russian government investigate what is in the opinion of many to be the sabotage of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The group behind the move is the Trade Union of Russia’s Citizens. A spokesmen for the group, Nils Logansen, has said that a number of people from the union have begun picketing on the streets of the capital, Moscow, to demand the investigation. Right now there are only a few people conducing three pickets, but they are intent on raising awareness of this imitative and bringing it to the people.

“It’s quite possible that in addition to the complaint to the Investigative Committee we will also file a law suit. And we call on all citizens to join us… We were preparing this action in advance. Following the 20th anniversary of the disintegration of the Soviet Union we want to remind people of the role Gorbachev played in it.”

The move is still new and many outside Russia have not heard about it yet. If this trial does indeed happen, it could signal justice for tens of millions of Russians who’ve suffered from hardships because of the restoration of capitalism. It was Gorbachev’s dissolution of the Soviet Union that lead to the economic and political anarchy of the ’90s. The economic system was irreparably damaged by his pre-“collapse” policies, some sections of the economy and society were never able to recover.

Personally I hope the man is found guilty of high treason for his actions surrounding the end of the Soviet Union, and I hope he is found civilly liable as well. This move rebuffs the ignorant arrogance of anti-Communists that the Soviet Union was this “evil” empire that was hated by its citizens. May be now they can face the fact it was their own fear of an alternative, and a threat to imperialist rampaging.