Infiltrating Police Used Women and Children For Info

The UK Guardian has revealed that police agents who infiltrated protest groups to collect information used women in relationships to get it. While that is nothing new, it has been taken by UK agents to a disgusting new low. Undercover officers began relationship with these women, long term relationships and fathered children with them. Last month 8 women came forward saying they were duped into “long-term intimate relationships of up to nine years” with five undercover police and began legal action. A kind of legal action that has never been seen before.

The women have come forward and filed lawsuits against the state for the reprehensible actions of these police officers. The have claimed “immense emotional trauma and pain over the relationships” they had with these men. It is strictly forbidden for undercover officers to have sexual relationships with the people they are spying on. This is expected to be a very expensive and ground breaking lawsuit.

This aptly demonstrates the sheer indifference towards human life police spies, and government forces in general, have. Woman’s entire lives were used a cover. These women had their feelings, dignity, sexuality used for the purpose of gathering information for the state. Women underwent child birth, a process that can lead to death even in the first world, for the purpose of spying on legal activists. Even a woman’s biology is something to be used by the state to protect the profits of the elite.

Children grew up never knowing their father was actually a police spy. These children were used for the purposes of stopping people from organizing against social ills. A child, is something to be used. Children’s lives have literally been used as tools. As if simply having police and militaries kill people to protect profits wasn’t enough.