Two Steps Left of Stalin

The right wing are so far to the right they’ve forgotten what the left even looks like. This is the state of politics in Toronto.

As people were trying to stop cuts to the Toronto library system, George Mammoliti accused the Communist Party of Canada. He accused people of being against the closures as working for them. He implied that no one but an agent of a communist conspiracy would want libraries.

Aside from other incidents, Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor has taken it to a new level. While on the John Oakly radio show, he accused city councillors who oppose his harmful budget cuts of being “two steps left of Joe Stalin”. What he literally said was:

“These people are all two steps left of Joe Stalin. So I’m not discouraged by that and I don’t expect it. They don’t care about the tax payers. But know one person who does, that’s me.”

This has gone beyond simply hyperbole, or just speaking out of emotion. This is what they really think, this is the mentality they have. If anyone opposes them, they must be a far leftist. Their right wing mentality is so extreme that anyone who doesn’t agree with them on their policy, must be some kind of Communist.

It also demonstrates the lack of credibility their position has. They know their position lacks substance and support. That’s why they need to red scare against their opponents, rather than rational debate.