US Marines Support Nazi Symbol

In an absolutely digesting display of racism and disregard for history and those who suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany, a picture has been found of US Marines posing with an SS flag. The Schutzstaffel flag was placed under the American flag with pride in the photo. The US Marine Corps confirmed that the photo, which was taken in Afghanistan, is in fact real. Lt. Col. Stewart Upton spoke Thursday saying that the use of the Nazi symbol was not acceptable. He would not speak on any repercussions the troops face for taking such a picture, but he did say that the marines in it are no longer with the unit.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has expressed outrage at the photo and have called for an investigation into the matter and have an appropriate punishment carried out. Mikey Weinstein, the founder of the group said in a public statement, “Heads need to roll and this needs to be fully investigated”.

I have two possible explanations for this photo. One, it was possibly a group of Marines who thought it would be funny to pose in front of an SS flag. Sure, if you were one of them you might think it was funny as well. Two, there is a known policy of the US armed forces intentionally hiring white supremacists into the military. Specifically because they know such people won’t have any moral qualms about killing people of a different race. A good Russia Today documentary on the subject showed entire units of white supremacist troops who were open with who they were and what they believe in. It would not be unexpected that this group of Marines could be one of those units.

While I can understand wanting to take such a picture for lulz, it simply should not have been done while in uniform. The fact that it was done while the world sees the United States as the new Nazi regime is simply unbelievably wrong. The world recognizes the similarities between what the US is doing in foreign countries now, and what the Nazis did. It is unbelievably irresponsible to do this at this time in this context. If this was done just for jokes (a very poor joke), than this should have been done out of uniform in the privacy of their own homes attempting to distance the US Marine Corps from it.

A very unfortunate side effect of this will be watching people like Alex Jones, and seeing what they will take from it. I’ve no doubt that they will be using this as an example that America is secretly a Nazi society. Which they will blame on socialism. Further crimes of America will be blamed on socialism, a system that has nothing to do with the capitalists system that is in place now. Once again a philosophy of everyone being equal will be blamed for the crimes of philosophy that believe certain people are superior.

This new scandal comes at a bad time, its been less than one month since a video of Marines urinating on Taliban dead was released online. That video caused a great deal of animosity towards US forces internationally, saying that they did not care about the disrespect they were showing towards the Afghan population. This new photo will no doubt have a similar effect and fuel more justified anti-American hostility.