Anonymous Declares War on Israel

The online hacktivist community Anonymous has declared open war on the Zionist state of Israel. Early Friday the group made it known that they intended to stop Israel from committing further human rights abuses to Palestine, and help prevent other crimes. They put forth a statement accusing Israel of being a fake democracy, an illusion put forward by the political and economic elites of the country. Anonymous pointed out the crimes being committed against people in the interests of a “select few” that manifest themselves by “trampling the liberties of the masses.” All of this carried out by a campaign of misinformation using a combination of “media deception” and “political bribery”.

Anonymous seems very aware of the nuclear threat posed by the fascist, racist state of Israel. Knowledge of Israel’s nuclear weapons is wide spread, even more well known is the state’s constant threats of using it against any nation that does not support its policies.

“You label all who refuse to comply with your superstitious demands as anti-Semitic and have taken steps to ensure a nuclear holocaust,” said the Anonymous. “We will not allow you to attack a sovereign country based upon a campaign of lies.”

This may be the largest operation Anonymous has even undertaken. This IS the most serious decoration of action the group has ever made, attempting to take on an entire nation. This may have some serious repercussions for all parties involved. This could possibly begin the real campaign by the US government against those who participate in the Anonymous collective.

The group has announced that they have a 3 step plan to take down the state of Israel. Systematically removing Israel from the internet and turning Israel into a free state. The third step they have not revealed yet. In response the Israeli newspaper Haaretz denied the possibility such a campaign could be carried out.

Personally, I am very interested to see how this plays out. I’m very skeptical of what Anonymous could actually do to the Israeli government. Its easy to say something like that, its also quite another to actually do it. I hope they do, I hope severe action is taken against Israel for the criminal actions they have taken against Palestine and the rest of the Arab world.