Ezra Levant Misfires Again

Right wing post for the low intelligence community, the Toronto Sun, certain likes to abstract the position of Leftists, or Liberal, they don’t seem to know the difference. But that’s nothing really new, they only see invented threats all around them anyway. Brown skin, non-Christians, exceedingly small minority groups or just plain don’t agree with them is enough for them to go into victim mode. But this one from Ezra Levant certainly takes the cake! He’s invented a threat of violent liberals! Or left, its hard to tell, he can’t tell the difference. An invented threat against the chicken-little right wing.

In his article on Valentine’s Day he attempted to display hypocrisy in liberals over gun violence. All of this was crying over some free paper that photo shopped a picture of a gun at Toronto Mayor Rob “Racist, Homophobic” Ford. Fromm this point about photo shopping a picture it jumps to that movie “Death of a President”, the film that gave the fictional account of George W. Bush being assassinated. That’s right, the free Canadian paper is the segway into an American movie. All of which is intended to “prove” a liberal hypocrisy over gun violence.

Of course Levant can’t tell the difference between an American liberal and a Canadian one. Which is unsurprising given his constant attempt to portray himself as American. Always pandering to US conservatives like Ann Coulter, another homosexual and Muslim hating conservative. I almost always give more credit to a Canadian conservative because they have more sense than an American one. Not in Levant’s wannabe case however.

His complaint about “Death of a President” was that if conservatives made such a movie about Obama being killed it wouldn’t have been allowed and wouldn’t have been such a sensation. Problem with Levant’s claim is that “Death of a President” never went mainstream. it had a limited showing in regular movie theatres thanks to crying by the right. Not the big budget Hollywood mainstream he tried to make it out to be. But he would be right in saying it was a liberal fantasy, if more than 80% of the country hadn’t been against the man by the end.

An interesting point to make here would be that despite some movie he’s crying over, he’d do well to remember the white supremacists who were in the middle of an assassination attempt against Obama when they were arrested. Levant must have forgotten about that incident. Does he remember all the Tea Party people showing up to Obama events carrying guns? Remember the images from the news of people at some of the rallies carrying assault rifles? No, he’s deliberately over looked that. He also deliberately ignored the Facebook page that called for Obama to be killed. As well as the Evangelical movements that prayed for him to be killed.

Typical right wing hypocrisy. They threaten people, bring guns to a Presidential event, pray to their Jesus to kill people (true Christians), even call for the president to be killed. Hey, that’s alright, no problem. However if you just make a movie about Bush being assassinated they say its going too far, A filmed fictional so-called threat of violence is bad, but real people with real guns at real events is okay by them. What a terrible hypocrisy.

Typical conservative, they want to wave guns around to look like a tough guy and make threats. But if anyone even fictional gun wave back at them, they run screaming that they are being persecuted. They love attacking minorities, ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, those smaller and weaker than them. But stand up to them (even if only in a fictional account) they can’t take it and cry victim. There’s a word to describe this behaviour: Coward.

No. It is not enough to be such a coward. He goes even further and white washes the shooting, the attempted murder of Gabriel Giffords. He whined the “left” was trying to portray him as a conservative, trying to blame them for his crime. In Levant’s description of the event he left out how Jared Lee Loughner said CONSERVATVE Glenn beck”warned” him about “people like Giffords”. Levant ignored the hateful material about liberals in Loughner possessions. He skips the part where Giffords is a Democrat. In a final act of skipping over facts, he leaves out that Loughner declared himself to be a conservative.

Being so dishonest about the Giffords shooting incident should come as no surprise. After all this is the guy who took multiple supposed examples of liberal glorification of violence from America to make a point about Canadian liberals. But then again he probably couldn’t find any Canadian ones, which is why he had to reach for foreign examples. I guess if you can’t make an argument, you can always change the other sides.

Really he’s deliberately altered the meaning of the photo. It was to visually depict the political suicide Ford is undertaking. In fact “political suicide” was the title of the accompanying article. The article spoke about what Ford is doing that is very unpopular. So Levant changed the meaning of displaying suicide to meaning a threat.

But that is the dishonesty you get from Levant and the Toronto Sun.

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