Pepper Spray Cop Sued by OWS Protesters

In a moment of justice, Anthony Bologna, the now famous pepper spray cop who assaulted peaceful protesters, is being sued by those victims of his. The peaceful demonstrators who were sitting on the ground refusing to move were assaulted with pepper-spray, a non-lethal weapon, when no one was omitting any acts of violence. The iconic image of Bologna spraying protesters became an internet sensation causing him to show up on countless memes. In addition, during the time of the incident his identity and contact information was released online by hacktivist group Anonymous prompting a continuous stream of harassment. Victims of the police brutality spoke to Russia Today.

“It took about three seconds for it to register what had happened. At that moment, my mind kind of went blank. I was just so confused as to why. I just fell to the ground.”

– Chelsea Elliott of Brooklyn

As punishment for assaulting peaceful protesters the New York police took away 10 vacation days from the officer. Both Chelsea Elliott and Jeanne Mansfield, the women attacked, say that is not enough for the violent violation to their civil rights. The women say they seek compensation from Bologna, New York City, the NYPD and other unidentified officers for the vicious assault. A lawyer by the name of Aymen Aboushi will represent the two women in Manhattan federal court.

Patiently both women waited while the police did an investigation in the actions of Bologna. When the investigation was over the police refused to release a copy of it, and instead said that Bologna was to be punished for “using pepper spray outside of department guidelines.” They claimed he was concerned for the safety of other officers and that the limited use of it supposedly restored order, “without any escalation of force or serious injury to either demonstrator or police officer.”

Such incidents of mindless violence perpetuated against the masses which police have sworn an oath to protect is becoming more common. As the capitalist class sees its privilege begin to slip away, they will resort to more and more brutal repressive measures to stifle dissent and get people back to shopping and spending money. The capitalist class can only hope to hold on to its privilege so long as it can maintain control of the people.