Terrorist Attacks Hit Syria

According to CCTV the Syrian SANA news agency is reporting a terrorist attack against a refinery in central Syria’s Homs. They’re reporting it as an “armed terrorist group” attacking a 50 million litre tanker. The government was not specific on who was responsible, they only described the attackers as an “armed terrorist group”. The civil defence workers have managed to put out the fire and no causalities or injuries have been reported yet.

This attack comes a day after an oil pipeline in the same Homs region was attacked with explosives for the second time in a week. These perpetrators have also not been identified. There have been other incidents of violence as well including a car that was booby-trapped, it exploded in the Ariha area killing a a law-enforcement agent.

The Syrian government has said they believe the incidents to have been caused by terrorists backed up by foreign powers. They claim its an armed gang that have caused more than 2,000 army and security personnel deaths in the last few months. The UN however estimates the Syrian death toll to be around 6,000.

Many in the global community see these attacks as having been funded by Western powers and possibly Israel as well. This would be in keeping with their actions in the past. According to several reports it is suspected that the US is funneling weapons to the Syrian rebels. The US is the largest exporter of weapons in the world and are known for supplying movements to carry out their interests. Unfortunately there is no 100% this is what is happening in Syria.