Pat Robertson’s Double Standard On Fascism

Back on February 15th 700 Club leader Pat Robertson made some rather telling remarks about Obama, calling him a dictator and saying that he is trying to make America into a totalitarian state.

Listening to Pat Robertson complain about anything being dictatorial is agonizing. The man himself is a Christian fascist, long story we all know, wants to force everyone to be a Christian and invade and kill anyone who refuses to convert. Its been rehashed over and over again, repeated in as many atheist videos as there are contradictions in the Bible. The hypocrisy inherent in his statement already well spoken about, there is no need for me to go over it.

What is more important to point out is the political hypocrisy behind his statement. During the years of the Bush administration the same fascist laws were being pushed into effect and he was right on the bandwagon cheering them on. In fact this is a very typical stance of the right wing. They have no qualms about a Republican putting through laws to spy on its citizens, take away rights, remove due process and murder millions over seas in Arab countries. They were the most vocal supporters of these measures and screamed all the same freedom rhetoric cover-story for fascism that the government did.

Its interesting to see them all change their tune when a Democrat decides to continue those same policies. Once the new liberal leader is put into place, then all the identical fascist laws have a completely new dimension, completely altering their perception of it. Its telling to see how much the view of those same laws changes once a person of a supposedly different political stripe takes control of them. Nothing has changed, the laws remain the same. The same ruling class holds the same power as before. Its only the superficial front man that has changed. Such behaviour reflects the truly unscientific nature of their thinking. they’ll have no acknowledgement that they supported these same fascist measures under Bush. They’ll refuse to acknowledge that it was their supporting it previously gave it all the momentum to be passed into law.

What I find amusing is the number of libertarians who supported the fascist policies under George Bush, but refuse to support them under Obama. Many of them were gungho for Homeland Security after 9/11 and all the false flag attacks and phony threats that have occurred since. Interesting to see how the same people who supported George Bush and the fascist policies have now suddenly come out against them when they perceive that a socialist has been elected. Is this a demonstration of a disingenuous nature?

We can plainly see this hypocrisy is primarily the property of the right wing. Which is why I chuckle inside when they complain about Obama’s fascist laws.