FBI Sued By Megaupload Users

Are you angry about Megaupload being shut down? Well, so am I and so are many other people around the world. So angry in fact that some scorned Megaupload users have filed a lawsuit against the FBI. Since it is estimated that 4% of the internet uses Megaupload, you can be sure there have been some well connected and potentially powerful people among them. Its not specifically stated who exactly has filed against the FBI, but its believed to be some people from the various “Pirate Parties” around the world.

The case is simple, in the hundreds of millions of people who use the services there are countless people who legally share files. While the FBI and the corporate entertainment elite were quick to complain about supposed losses surrounding pirated material, they negelcted to consider what they would be doing to people who were not breaking the law. Those who have been using the file sharing service for legals means of sharing files. Myself included, a copy of “Children of The Secret State Debunked” was kept on Megaupload.

People who have used the online file sharing service for legal purposes have a legitimate case against the FBI. The sharing of information has been one of the greatest achievements of humanity, the vast spreading of knowledge has been a boon to the education of everyone. There are enough of us alive today who didn’t have the internet when they went to school. For the first few years of high school I didn’t have internet, to research a project or an essay you actually had to go to the damn library and pour over books to get information.

There are even those doing business that use Megaupload on a daily basis. Shutting down the site did cause them to lose access to some of their material if not important documents. The FBI and the profit motive driven property defenders have caused financial losses among smaller enterprises. The tunnel vision selfishness of property ownership has cause other businesses revenue. That is the mentality of property ownership, selfishness to the exclusion causing harm of others. Those affected are absolutely just in coming after the FBI and even those industries seeking losses and damages. They are responsible for causing them.

In a world dominated by capitalism, perhaps this is one lesson the ruling class can learn without violence in the streets, or by having Anonymous take down a service or too. This shows one of the many contradictions of capitalism, the drive for individual profit and the defence of “intellectual property” inherently undermine the functioning of others drive for individual profit. This has the potential no matter small to turn one group of the bourgeoisie against another. Hopefully a lesson can be learned in some way by them.

Pirate Party has created a website where international users of Megaupload furious over the debacle can register a complaint. American users of the site, say the group, should approach the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or EFF, with their concerns.