More Ezra Levant Hypocrisy

Maoist Rebel News fans, periodically I do videos on Canadian conservative media personalities. One of my favourites to do videos on is Ezra Levant. Now, Sun Media Ezra Levant has a weekend getaway where people who sign up an pay a fee can “hang out” with Levant, play some winter sports and discuss politics. Some top Toronto Sun journalists will be there and some invited “enthusiastic” Sun readers. This is all taking place up north and they’re calling it “Freedom Weekend”. Which to me sounds a lot like a conservative circle jerk.

Much to Levant’s displeasure, former Toronto Star (a competing newspaper) editor Jon Miller didn’t like it. Miller likened the “freedom” weekend to a terrorist training camp. In fact he was so offended that he ranted about it in an article in Tuesday’s Toronto Sun. But Let’s give Miller a chance, let’s see his quote in its full context.

“Makes you wonder when was the last time a group of ideological warriors went north to train in the backwoods and plot to storm Parliament, blow up the CBC, seize the airwaves and spread terror across the land. Oh yeah, the Toronto 18 did that. Didn’t police arrest the lot of them and call them the gravest threat to our democracy?

“I think a weekend with Ezra and friends could be something just like that.

“The only thing that sets them apart from the Muslim extremists is that Sun Media will be charging you admission.”

Of course Levant and company are not terrorists. Unfortunately that is a word that is thrown around far to easily by everyone. The one defining characteristic that is supposed to define a terrorist is the use of violence. That is something the Sun journalists do not use. They much prefer to use insults, and vitriol. As well as a half naked woman without which their readers would revolt against them.

Regardless, what caught my eye was this line from Levant’s column in response:

“What a disgusting man.

“Why did he liken me, my fellow Sun personalities and Sun readers to terrorists?”

While a legitimate question about a questionable action, it is also very telling. Was Levant able to answer this question as he goes around calling people terrorists? I don’t know if he can. But I know he has called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the British Broadcasting Corporation terrorists. He clearly likes throwing the word around against people.

I think a good question to ask here would be: “Why doesn’t Ezra Levant like being falsely accused of something he goes around accusing people of?” Isn’t he capable of taking the same name calling and abuse he inflicts on others? Apparently he can’t. Certainly he is no terrorist, I would say he is more of a hypocritical coward. With such blatant hypocrisy its a wonder anyone could see any credibility on the man.

But then, we do not expect much from the Right. Even less form the Toronto Sun, the right wing media not intended for intellectuals. They prefer the Globe and Mail and the National Post.

Ezra Levant’s Toronto Sun article: