Capitalism Killed 257,089 in Colombia

For the longest time now we’ve all known that scores have been killed in Colombia. Previously it was thought that Guatemala was the worst for US backed killings in Latina America at 200,000 killed in the 1980s. According to a WikiLeaks cable release, the numbers killed by right wing para militaries in Colombia is 257,089. These deaths are only the ones registered, it doesn’t count those who have been killed secretly. The inhumanity of the Guatemalan capitalist regime has been surpassed by the capitalist slaughters in Colombia.

The US Embassy cable entitled “2009-2010 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report”, acknowledges that the terrible truth is that there are “257,089 registered victims of the right-wing paramilitaries”. This means that not only did the US government know about the killings they are paying for, they have been deliberately under reporting them. The US government has been refusing to report how many people they have been slaughtered in Colombia. no doubt many of these deaths have been falsely attributed to the FARC in an attempt to cover up US responsibility.

The cable shows that the US has known about the mass killings it has been sponsoring for years. Even with this direct knowledge, US President Barack Obama is continuing with the pledge to give Colombia $500 million for military and police aid. All under the pretext of combating the war on drugs. The war is against the FARC rebels who refuse to allow this type of fascist right wing state to exist unopposed.

It also clearly demonstrates that these killings have not affected the US desire to implement the Colombia Free Trade Agreement last year. With all the murdered union activists and leaders, its no surprise that elite capitalist media have hailed Colombia as a promising new ground for foreign investment for manufacturing and textiles. The conditions for slaughter for anyone who would dare oppose the rule and crimes of the bosses must be too tempting for the capitalist class.

One of the more vulnerable victims of the right wing para military violence is the indigenous peoples of Colombia. Not only that, it also shows an increasing trend of killings mong them. The cable says “for the second consecutive year killings of indigenous increased”. It is an estimated 50% increase from 2008 to 2009. The indigenous peoples have become one of the biggest targets that now 34 indigenous groups are near total eradication. As was done to Native Americans, is continuing to be done to the indigenous in Colombia.

There is a book “Cocaine, Death Squads, and the War on Terror” by Drew Cottle that claims the number is much higher. It says that the number has been lowered through “mass graves and Nazi-style crematoria”. The spectre of the Nazi Holocaust is likely to be living on through the US War on Drugs. The horrors of the capitalist Nazi regime are being repeated on behalf of the new capitalist world power. This shows that genocide is how the US plans to carry out its interests in profit making.