Gingrich Attacks Obama For Afghan Apology

As the protests surrounding the burning of Korans by US soldiers continues, the body count surrounding the protests also continues. By February 24th the number of causalities reached 20 including 2 US troops. Mass protest broke out around Bagram air force base after it was revealed that Americans had destroyed copies of the Koran, the Muslim holy book in disposing radical Islamic literature.

A few days ago US President Barack Obama issued an apology to the people of Afghanistan and Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the disrespectful treatment of the Muslim holy books. The move is an obvious one, a clear act of disrespect has taken place and Obama has apologized for it. Personally the people who should be apologizing are the ones who carried it out and those who ordered them to do it.

Republican candidate Newt Gingrich however was disapproving of Obama’s apology and instead offered a counter opinion. He suggested that Obama is wrong for apologizing and that Karzai owed America an apology for the two US soldier deaths.

Newt Gingrich certainly has a great deal outrage towards the deaths and injuries sustained by US troops. So much so that he demands an apology from Hamid Karzai. Interesting to note is that he never acknowledges that US forces have killed a million and a half people in Afghanistan. Its very telling to see the outrage that Gingrich has towards the loss of two Americans lives and the complete support he has given the murder of a million and a half people. No doubt him and people like him, are the ones who walk around complaining that the world doesn’t like them while thinking all they do is try to “help” people.

The hypocrisy here is the shortness of Newt Gingrich’s memory. Previously former US President George W. Bush apologized to Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki after several US soldiers used a Koran during target practise. As is typical with Gingrich, he’s criticized Obama for the same actions taken by Bush. This is a continuous theme throughout America. The Democratic Party takes the same actions as the Republican Party, yet they are seen only as the actions of the Democrats. A perception that continues the fraudulent idea that America is a democracy, and that there is a real difference between both parties.