CIA: No Evidence of Iran Building Nukes

Recently, the United Nations’ nuclear watch group has claimed that Iran has increased its uranium enrichment program with the express intent of building nuclear weapons. Almost the entire world now has been convinced that there is a secret plot in Iran to build nuclear weapons for the express purpose of destroying its enemies. Daily we are given stories of people who remain nameless who say they KNOW nuclear weapons are being manufactured. Daily we are told of reports that supposedly show that Iran is build nuclear weapons. Reports that we are not allowed to see, just like the ones that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Despite all that, a collection of assessments by US spy agencies have stated that Iran abandoned a nuclear weapons program years ago. Perhaps as far back as early 2003. The conclusion was largely reaffirmed in a 2010 National Intelligence Estimate, and remains the consensus view of America’s 16 intelligence agencies, the report said.

According to sources:

In his testimony to the U.S. Senate on Jan. 31, James Clapper, head of U.S. national intelligence, stated explicitly that American officials believe that Iran is preserving its options for a nuclear weapon, but there was no evidence that it had made a decision to build a weapon. David Petraeus, the CIA director, agreed to this assessment at the same hearing.

This is damning evidence that a repeat of the war in Iraq may soon occur in Iran. We are continually being fed the phony claim that Iran is out to kill us all and kill Israel. This is the same lie that was given to us about Iraq under Saddam Hussein. We were shown drawings of mobile chemical weapon facilities and told this is what exists without proof or evidence. That same set of lies is being given to us again as a justification for the imperialist expansion into Iran. All of these because Iran nationalized its oil production out of the control of Western capitalist powers.

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