Charles Adler, Sun Media and No Democracy

Just when you think Sun Media can’t get any worse, they always find a way to do something even worse. An article by Charles Adler in the March 8th edition of the newspaper takes this dangerous trend even further. There is s serious threat to our democracy right now, robo calls and harassment against non-conservative voters. There is a recording of a Conservative calling centre harassing a non-conservative voter. The Party has even admitted the guy was working for them, but was fired. There is new evidence that the election was stolen. Vic Toews is bringing legislation to spy on the public. The Conservative Party is blocking people from investigating them and the election is under question.

With all this happening, the people are outraged, social media, people are visiting their members of parliament demanding investigations. People are speaking out in mainstream media against this direct and serious threat to democracy. People are acting in the street in protest against these lies. But according to Mr. Adler all these people are a creation by the media, blowing it out of proportion. Its a small incident with “some truth” that has been made out into an accusation of proven fact. He minimizes the investigations, and instead claims is just a bunch of media people just repeating the same thing over and over again. All just to claim that the “evil left”, or apparently anti-fascist now, is just demonizing poor Stephen Harper. It’s disgusting.

Let me put some of this into perspective. Adler himself admits in his article that 31,000 complaints that have been sent to Elections Canada. But then turns around and claims that one website has sent so many of them. Here’s the perspective, the most blatant election fraud in history, the Hamid Karzai re-election in Afghanistan, had only 2,200 complaints of election misconduct reported. Stephen Harper has 14 times more complaints that the most transparent election fraud in history. Of course we have more ability to report accusations, but 14 times more? This is insane, the Sun is deliberately undermining the opinion of the majority of Canadians that something is very seriously wrong. In my opinion the Sun has gone from being a joke rag, to being a serious fascist propaganda outlet. This newspaper is trying to hide this attack on democracy!

But this is the most telling quote for the article:

“Here’s a wakeup call for the clowns in the nation’s capital: People care most about their jobs and the economy!”

In the mind of Charles Adler, Sun Media, QMI and the rest of the right wing, freedom and democracy mean very little. And in case you haven’t noticed right wing, the economy is terrible. Our unemployment rate has hit 7.6 percent a 9 month high. Yea, we do care about our jobs and the economy, something Harper can’t fix. He goes off about how we have no money and need to cut spending, so he starts buying F-35 jets that we don’t need. He starts spending money on prisons. We don’t need more prisons for people who just have a joint to relax. We need solutions to free market problems, we need to be out of Afghanistan instead of just throwing money into it.

But I think Mr. Adler’s message here is clear. Ignore the fake democracy we have, in favour of the bad economy we do have. We’ll never be able to fix anything to do with the economy if we can’t even fix our election frauds.

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