On the Kony 2012 Movement

Well according to the number of views the video has, the entire world has heard about Joseph Kony. In case you are one of the few that hasn’t, he’s a warlord in Uganda that a group of activists has been working on raising awareness of. The video, which God only knows how many views, now detail the crimes of said warlord Kony. Its all done very nicely with the creator’s son thrown in to do fluff spots to tug at the viewer’s heart strings. This video has mysteriously gotten all over the newspapers and news in next to no time whatsoever. Even faster than what should be possible for a viral video. The video is very well done, far better than what “some guy” and his “friends” should have been able to do on almost no budget.

In the video they spend a great deal of time explaining the various reasons why Kony should be stopped. There is a multitude of reasons put forward: enslavement, mutilations, the main selling point being that he has child soldiers. I heard estimates that he has abducted anywhere from 30,000 to 104,000 to be used as soldiers since about 1986. This is a horrendous crime no doubt. The man has been running his private army called “Lord’s Resistance Army”, which surprisingly sounds a lot like a religious fundamentalist organization. A spiritual guerrilla army that is hell bent (so to speak) on bring the word of Jesus Christ to Africa. The creator of the video assures us that he has no ideology and is just doing it for himself. Unfortunately for him, the world has access to Wikipedia and other resources and we can see that he’s has a “syncretic Christian extreme religious ideology”. He’s basically a Christian fundamentalist, no doubt like most fundamentalists he’s using the word of God for his own purposes. Mainly wealth and power.

The creator of the video does little in explaining what he wants done. He mainly says the same thing over and over again just wording it differently. His ultimate desire is to raise awareness to have the US army sent into Uganda to stop him. Have no illusion, he is not advocating peace keeping like in past conflicts in Africa and elsewhere. He is advocating direct US military involvement, military operations in the country directly to have the man killed. I believe they are asking to have him arrested and placed on trial for his crimes, but we’ve seen what the US military do to people who are supposed to go on trial.

I have no illusions about what is going on. A good investigation into the man who made this documentary, and generally researching the subject gives you a clue to what he is really after and what is really going on. This artificially created movement is an absolute fraud. There is no concern for the Ugandan people anywhere in this masquerade of imperialism. Have no illusions, this is not the work of some hipster/hippie movement to help save people.

There is little evidence to prove it, but this man could be a CIA shill if not an outright CIA operative. This whole movement is a plot by US imperialism to make its move into Africa. The reason for it is simple, China has been moving into China unchallenged by US power for a while now. They’ve set up programs to build up countries in exchange for natural resources. They’ve been quite successful because China doesn’t have the history of invading people and killing them like America does. They offer deals to governments and follow through on those deals without causing any bloodshed. This makes China a reliable and fair choice for assistance in Africa, one many are all to happy to work with. Anti-American sentiment may be at an all time high in the 3rd world, particularly in Africa, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. China is wisely taking advantage of the negative view the world has of the US and is using it to build its own empire.

As one will expect, the US cannot simply allow the formation of another empire taking resources and influence that they believe should be theirs. A decade of war in the Middle East has done nothing to improve the image of America, done fairly well in obtaining access to energy resources, and has failed in its military endeavours to build stability among its puppet governments. The building of relations with China must be stopped by the US before the slope becomes too slippery and the empire tumbles. China and the governments are well aware that blood can be smelt, the time of the US empire is almost over. Inflation, social unrest, poor world opinion, too many wars and stagnating foreign policy are all bringing about an end. The US must expand its grip further if it is to maintain its position in the world. Empires, like capitalism, must keep expanding. One of the few places left to be totally seized by American capitalism is Africa.

Have no illusions, this is US imperialism at work. This is the imperialist propaganda machine going full blast. I for one am impressed. This marketing strategy to get America and the world behind another imperialist conquest is genius. No longer does anyone believe the lies of “fighting terrorism” or preventing the proliferation of nuclear weaponry. The tactic here is as simple as it is ingenious. Build a simple hippie appearing grassroots movement, one similar to the CIA funded and controlled “Free Tibet” movement. But this time make it much more “hipstery”, one that appeals to arrogant self-assured White First Worldists. Make it appear as though the whole movement is grassroots and is coming from the people itself. The propaganda here is sinister and effective. They found the perfect spokesmen: a clean cut, good looking, well spoken young dad who wears his heart on his sleeve. The man reeks of being a product of a focus group in a marketing campaign.

Unfortunately tens of millions have already fallen for it. Fallen for the pro-war agenda with the hipster seal of approval on it. They’ve got some good strategy, go annoy every celebrity you can to get them on board with this. Go pester Angelina Jolie until she gets on the bandwagon and maybe adopts a kid from Uganda. This whole fraudulent grassroots movement has the flavour of White Man’s burden all over it. The great White civilizers are needed to step in and show these so-called savages how to live. If history shows us anything, it shows us what the White civilizers do to the people they “help”, check a Native American reservation sometime.

The shear viral nature of this plot speaks volumes about who is really behind it. Nothing in the history of the internet has managed to go so viral so fast. The video posted Jason Russell was in the newspaper in record time without question. Its not often the television or newsprint ever give any attention at all to any video on the internet. Rarely if it has it has been political in nature and involves a specific politician. Its clear someone TOLD these people to put it in their publications and broadcasts. There is nothing grassroots about this at all. This is absolutely a plot by US imperialism, do not fall for it.

Using an emotional plea to help children is a new tactic for the war machine. In the past it has used the rights of women as an excuse for going to war. Ironically this same day we receive word that Afghan President Hamid Karzai has signed into law women being legally a second class citizen. Another great triumph for America’s wars. It’s almost sickening to listen to is the quote by Jim Inhofe the Republican senator from Oklahoma.

“Of all the problems that are out there, none is more severe than one who mutilates and takes the lives of little kids.”
– Jim Inhofe, Senator (R-OK)

Listening to a Republican talk about war crimes being committed is almost laughable if it wasn’t so serious. The video is emphatic in describing the 30,000 child soldiers Kony has doing his bidding. Reminding us that their childhood has been stolen, all for the purpose of gaining himself wealth and power. Seeing and hearing those sentiments is almost infuriating when you consider the source. I know of a large group of children who have been abused in the Third World. I see the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who have been killed by US military actions. The hundreds of thousands of children who have suffered as a result of US military actions in Afghanistan. These two wars have killed more children than Joseph Kony could ever possibly been blamed for. Jason Russel says we need to get a full invasion of Uganda. For what? According to experience it will kill more children than it is claimed to be saving. It will all be for the personal wealth and power of the wealthiest people in the world. An invasion of Uganda by US forces will be worse for Uganda than Joseph Kony.

The real reason for the invasion is covered up by neat little bits of propaganda properly placed in order to get the support of everyone possible in the public to get behind it. Gaining the conservative vote is easy, bad guys in a black or brown place is enough for them. The “White Man’s Burden” is all over this message. Makes certain groups of people feel superior. Getting the liberals and the leftists will be much more difficult. Tugging at the heart strings of liberals is easy, crocodile tears over the suffering of defenceless people is easy to get Democrats. So they throw in some nice leftist sounding statements in the video: “where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live”. A nice sentiment, but they have an even better one in the video. They say its the people with the money who dictate what the priorities in a society are. This easily gets the ear and the heart of the left. The first time I heard this I thought to myself, typical liberal pro-capitalism whining. Then I saw it for what it really is. Just a leftist line to try and get leftists on board with it because we’re usually anti-war.

But the most telling part about all of this, the one piece of propaganda that is a lie, that exposes all of this is: saying Joseph Kony doesn’t fight for any ideology. Well that’s completely untrue, he does have an ideology, its syncretic Christian extremism. He is a Christian and fights for the Christian religion. He has on more than one occasion claimed to be establishing a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments. His father was a lay catechist of the Catholic Church, he had a religious upbringing. His army originated form the “Holy Spirit Movement”. This fact about his Christian extremist position is deliberately being obscured by the people who made this video. The reason is simple: they didn’t want to alarm any of the Evangelical groups in the US. If the Evangelical public finds out he’s a Christian fundamentalist, it will be next to impossible to get those people to want to go to war against him. Unfortunately for the people really behind this they couldn’t just say he was a Muslim, then it would have been easy. They’re deliberately obscuring his Christian agenda in order to make war against him more palatable to the masses in America. This shows blatant dishonesty on the part of the makers of this Kony 2012 video.

People around the world, many people, are not fooled by what you are doing here. We know what you are really trying to do and who you really work for. This whole movement is nothing but a propaganda ploy by the US government, possibly the CIA, to motivate the US population into war against a group in Uganda. A war that will cost trillions of more tax payer dollars, it will end millions of lives. Have no illusions, if Iraq caused that much suffering, imagine how difficult it will be to conduct a counter-guerrilla operation in Africa. Imagine how much more resources it will take, how much more man power will be required, how many more dollars will need to be spent. We know what this is about. This is about panicking over China’s expansion of influence into Africa. As the US is losing support and power around the world, the economy is failing, the Chinese have been quick and smart to take advantage. This is not about fighting Joseph Kony, this is about competing with China.

I wholeheartedly suggest that anyone considering giving money to Kony 2012 or Invisible Children not do so. This is not a protest group, its a campaign to get the world to go to war for the profit of the ruling elite. There are suspicions about where the money is going. Due to the fact that the organization cannot account for a large portion of its funds, its likely that money is being funnelled to the Congolese Army. Money is being given to these organizations with the purpose of stopping the rape and murder of children by Koney. The money is likely going to the Congolese Army which rapes and murders children.

Do not fall for this, this is imperialism with a new coat of paint on it. I for one, will not fall for it.