China McDonald’s Accused of Expired Food

In the Chinese capital city of Beijing, a local McDonald’s is accused of selling food beyond its expiration date. China Central Television is reporting that a French retailer Carrefour is also selling expired food as well. The report claims that expired chicken products were served to customers. Also claimed was that chicken wings must be served 30 minutes after they have been cooked and that they were served 90 minutes after, 3 times longer than what company’s rules permit.

If that is not bad enough, the Chinese state television had also discovered employees at the Carrefour restaurant in the city of Zhengzhou altered the expiration dates by changing the time placed on food packages so that they may be used later than is recommended as safe.

CCTV reporters interviewed a spokesmen for the restaurant who apologized for the incident.

“McDonald’s China attaches great importance to this. We will immediately investigate this isolated incident, resolutely deal with it earnestly and take concrete actions to apologize to consumers.”

In the past McDonald’s has been frequently criticized for the way they do business. Accusations of errors in food preparation is nothing new to the food giant. This is one more example of the changes that has been brought to China as a result of capitalist economic reforms. These incidents are inevitable as a system based on profit drives towards cutting costs and increasing that profit at any consequence.