Conservatives Love China

Every day the right wing media in Canada, particularly in Toronto are just lining up to give China whatever it wants. Its pretty hard to ignore the fact that China will be the largest customer of new Alberta oil. The Chinese have been investing a lot of more to get contracts away from the US to their own hands. This isn’t surprising or unexpected in anyway, their just acting upon their own “immediate rational material interest”. Not any different than what the Americans were doing with their oil situation. So really these two attempts to get a hold of our Canadian oil have been carried out in pretty much the same way. Although China has not been as vocal in the Canadian media as the Americans have. (This too should also not be a surprise. The image of China is only invoked to scare people, not make points.)

Here’s the real irony that gets me laughing. That’s what they claim I do, defend and support China and whatever its particular interests are at the time. Even though it should be obvious that I am a Maoist, and support Maoist COMMUNISM. I follow Mao Tse-tung Thought, the guiding philosophy of Maoism (hence the name). I do not however follow the Harper robot voice that keeps going to people’s homes helping them vote a certain way. I believe in a particular philosophy, not a voter aid.

It makes me wonder exactly how much foreign money is actually going into the Alberta oil sands lobbyists pockets. I’m sure they have their roundabout way of obscuring the source of these funds. I’m pretty sure they’ll get exposed by another whistle blower that will get persecuted by the Haper regime. But until that time we’ll only be able to guess how much their souls cost. I imagine its not very much, after all conservatives are not known for having much heart. I would assume that by market forces it would be quite high, you know, the supply is low. But then again there is only one demand for it right now.

Its hilarious to think I oppose the current regime in China while conservatives in this country are taking money from them to carry out their interests.