The Irony of Ron Paul Cultists

I just read an article on Russia Today describing the so called “young ideas” of Ron Paul and all the youthful enthusiasm young people show him wherever he speaks. They’re primarily talking about the talk he’s giving at the University of Maryland. Apparently he’s got the youth there all wound up. Its got to be a joke hearing the comments these kids are giving over Ron Paul and his speeches.

“Although he is up there in age you could say, he has youthful ideas,” said Corey Herdegen, a University of MD Sophomore.

This exact same statement could be heard all over America during the 2008 Presidential election which Barack Obama won. The same hopeful reality-detached belief that if we just vote something different, all our problems will be fixed. I would think that after all this time people would get it through their heads the West is not a group of democracies. How long does one have to live with attention being paid to the political landscape and still delude themselves like this?

Its face palming watching Paul Cultists scream and rant that Obama supporters are blind and mindlessly follow a corporatist while worshipping capitalism. In their ignorance they scream Obama is a socialist revealing their stupidity. They rant and wail that people treat Obama like a saviour in a cult of personality while never acknowledging they are the real cult.

A lunatic fringe who mindlessly scream “RON PAUL, RON PAUL, RON PAUL” at rallies and speeches like a bunch of programmed drones. They walk around like arrogant little shits acting like their such independent thinkers, or have undefeated debating skills. Only to leave “RON PAUL 2012” on every video the come across saying nothing of any substance (like Kony 2012). If you call them on it, they just run off to the von Mises blog to find out what their opinion is going to be. Its pathetic watching them try to pass themselves off as adults who think for themselves.

Listen to them complain that the entire democratic process is controlled by corporations and is a complete fraud. Which it very much is. Then listen to them complain their candidate didn’t win in an election they already know is fixed. Its like watching a kid try to ride a bike they know is broken and doesn’t work because they really want to be riding it.

Sure, Obama supporters used to be hope-filled dullards who stupidly thought that if you just vote something different everything will change. But watching Ron Paul Cultists do the same thing and then rail about Obama supporters doing it makes me wish China would just bomb America off the world map.

Obama supporters are deluded hopeful drones, but ones that want a better life for everyone. Paul Cultists are deluded childishly selfish drones, that want to justify their teenage angst in adulthood because life didn’t hand them everything like their over privileged mommies and daddies did.