Lilley Reactionary Planned Parenthood Stance

Those Sun Media people are certainly a strange lot aren’t they? QMI the parent company of Sun Media is absolutely determined to bring American-style political debate to Canada, and ruin the one we have. Possibly they just need a shtick to get their failing cable news channel SunTV (or FOX News North as I like to call it) off the ground. A poor choice and a very dangerous one. The Toronto Sun, a paper that lost any integrity it might have had a very long time ago, features a columnist Brian Lilley, whose one of the gang also has a blog on I just saw it for the first time after a person re-tweeted one of my favourite people I’m following on twitter.

He’s found a an article from The Star-Telegram in the US announcing a new health centre in Fort Worth, a Planned Parenthood complex, was going to be built near an orphanage. He implied in his blog post that women would now see both options and then automatically choose to have an abortion. He speaks in his own words:

This particular location even gives birth mothers a place to live prior to delivering their babies and helps them select the adoptive parents. Now those women will be looking across the street at the abortion clinic.

So women who are already choosing to give birth will now be choosing abortion, which is a legal legitimate choice. It must be just me and my perception of Texas, but it looks like Texas women are flip-floppers, or maybe its just their politicians. But seriously, non sequitur much? But I guess that’s right wing “logic”, the same people who demand the sanctity of life also demand imperialist war against Third World nations that defy their interests in favour of their own. Total hypocrisy.

Also interesting from the original The Star-Telegram is this line:

“Tarrant County is one of the fastest-growing counties in Texas,” he said. “We needed a new, state-of-the-art health center in Fort Worth.”

Well clearly their not having a population problem if they’re growing that much. But then again, being right wing and in Texas, if you ask they’ll probably just blame Mexicans. Or maybe that is the point? Planned Parenthood serves an overwhelmingly working class clientele. So a right wing attack on something the working class needs should not be unexpected or confusing. What’s it to him right? He never has to worry about having an abortion, he’s not a woman.

It seems regardless of the the topic Brian Lilley feels the need to be American as possible. I’ve not been alive all that long compared to the likes of Brian Lilley, Peter Mansbridge or Greg Elmer, I’m a mere 30 years old. Regardless, I am quite aware that the option of abortion in Canada is widely welcome and is acknowledged as a right as a part of proper health care. (Which explains why the right wing really hates it so much.) Thankfully the Brian Lilley’s are in a small minority and the religious institutions (for the most part) know their place and shut the hell up.

Or maybe Brian Lilley just went into hyper reactionary mode when he saw the words “The Star” in The Star-Telegram.

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