Mammoliti Capitalism Dazzles Single Moms

Capitalism is predicated on quite a few logical fallacies and deluded dreams of one day being rich beyond your wildest dreams. It’s capitalism after all, a system that promises anyone can make it rich and famous if they but simply apply their natural talents and ability. That’s freedom after all, the lofty notion that anyone and everyone can succeed!

Hold on, there’s some Filipino peasant child wearing rags scoffing at me… Okay, she’s gone, sent her to work making running shoes. Her dreams of being rich will become true soon.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yea, the greatness of capitalism. The brass ring that hangs above a glass ceiling to delude the working class into fantasies of riches and its possibilities. One man dead set on pushing that dream upon us all is Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti. While appearing on the Newstalk 1010 Mayor Rob Ford radio show, he offered just that.

The dazzling shine of promise came from the soon-to-be new in Toronto. Aside from the shear absurdity of such a plan, (economically it promised 10,000 new jobs) he said they would benefit the single moms of Toronto. “Imagine how many single mothers we can actually train, perhaps if they want, to become dealers”, he said talking to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug.

Single mothers are of the most difficult groups to find stable work with livable wages for. Perhaps Mammolitit should step inside a casino and see how many women actually are dealers. Hint: not many. Women mostly serve drinks. Not mix drinks, bartenders are still overwhelmingly men. But there is a place for them nonetheless. Don’t even ask about women of colour.

It’s almost laughable picturing all the single moms lining up for employment. Especially since he’ll block any attempt at company daycare, not to mention the unstable rapidly changing number of hours and shifts. Then there’s the whole ridiculous idea of the casino to begin with.

Here’s a quick lesson in economics: Capitalism requires constant consumption in order to function. People have so little disposable income they’re not consuming enough commodities to grow the economy. If they can’t afford to consume commodities, how can they have enough to waste at a casino? Despite the capitalist religious belief, supply doesn’t automatically create demand.

Casinos are a perfect symbol of capitalism: one big risk that promises everyone a payout even though it’s a literal impossibility. In the end the same person or persons on top walk away with everything.

Mammoliti is capitalism, deluding the taxpayers of Toronto and single mothers looking for jobs. Away with this wretched system and its false promises.