Joe “Exaggeration” Warmington

As a journalist I often come across stories, while important, there’s just not enough to write about. Being of such limited resources (because I’m only one man) I have to choose a larger more expansive story. Rarely I am ever afforded the opportunity to do anything local. Media like the Toronto Sun has prime opportunity and obligation to report local news. Especially crime and anything to do with Muslims. Because nothing scares Conservatives more than brown people who have a different religion. (When they’re Christian they’re not so scary.)

The Toronto Sun has ample opportunity to do so. However sometimes, like all media, the crime story doesn’t have enough “umph” to it. A simple “B and E” isn’t exciting or “controversial” enough for them. After all, they bill themselves as a real “voice of dissent”. One could agree if they consider yellow-Islamophobic-corporate puppet-propaganda journalism dissent. I don’t.

So I was not surprised when I saw an article by Joe Warmington on crime that had been exaggerated. Doesn’t call himself “the night scrawler” anymore. I guess it might have given off a negative image. The phrase reminds me of an adolescent spray painting walls at night. Usually such activity is reserved for Anarchists. (I kid Anarchists, I kid.)

Mr. Worthington decided that it was necessary to exaggerate the situation over a break in that occurred in my old stomping grounds Peel Region. In Brampton, (or as Sun readers know it, Bramladesh), the home of Russ Littler was broken into at night. Neither he nor his father Gord heard the intruders who broken into the home stealing $39,000 worth of goods, including a Jeep Cherokee. Thankfully no one was hurt.

In the morning he called the police once he had discovered what happened during the night. Once informed of the incident the police came and spoke to them and took a report. Well apparently this wasn’t enough for Littler. He thinks that the police should have done more because he thought to himself, “had they been confronted this could be a different story — an assault, home invasion or a murder.” Warmington was quick to back him up on this pulling the “I pay taxes” card.

Well.. What exactly does want? He called the police several hours after the incident was over. If it had been “assault, home invasion or a murder” the police wouldn’t have known anything was going on. They’re not psychic, Littler didn’t even know it was happening and he was right there. Are these people just stupid?

“One Peel police officer showed up took some notes and gave me an incident report,” he said. “We pointed out to the officer clippers used to cut the window screen and jimmy the window, as they were sitting outside the backyard window. He said don’t touch anything (and that) he would send over the Ident team to fingerprint.”

I can’t figure out what the officer was supposed to do in his mind. The incident is over. The police can only collect evidence at this point, there’s no one to chase down because its over, and they need to determine who the person is. Why is Warmington egging this guy on? Are they complaining the cops didn’t know ahead of time that there was going to be a break in.

Some bit can be criticized of the police action later on after the report was taken. (Read the original article to see it.) I just don’t get why they’re mad over something the police were not aware of at the time it occurred. Warmington is pulling out all these typical “I pay taxes”, “you work for me” right wing garbage. The police didn’t do anything wrong by not knowing ahead of time about a break-in.

Usually the Toronto Sun licks police ass whenever they can, kissing up to the bodyguards of the ruling class in some of the most transparent ways. Only criticizing the police when its impossible to deny what is happening. Clearly Warmington is just trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill in this story. I suppose if you have no victims to attack that day I guess you could just invent something out of nothing, this is the Toronto Sun after all.

Or maybe Peel Region Police did something to Warmington to anger him…?

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