Sun Media and QMI Debunks Themselves

Here’s something really funny that should give any decent person a good laugh. For the longest time the right wing has always claimed that it is in fact the left wing who is racist and promotes racism. Usually called “reverse racism”, which is in fact whining about losing White privilege. This, along with a great deal lies, fallacies and some times outright stupidity.

One of those great promoters of that view is QMI and Sun Media (same company). They have propounded for time immemorial that the “Left” in Canada was the true source of racism and fascism. Of course never actually acknowledging their ACTUAL support for fascist policies.

Regardless, QMI has put forth in the Sun a short description of what far right politics is. This was in their “In 5 Minutes” section of the May 8, 2012 edition of the Toronto Sun. The section was describing the goings on of far right politics in Europe and where they stand in polls and number of seats held by various parties.

Here’s what they use to describe what far right politics is. And remember this is coming from a right wing newspaper and media outlet.

– Involves strong support of social hierarchy.
– Supports supremacy of certain individuals or groups deemed to be superior to others.
– Claims that superior people should have greater rights than inferior people.
– Usually involves anti-immigration and anti-integration stances towards groups that are deemed inferior and undesirable.

I would say that is a very accurate definition of far right politics. In fact these are literally the stances of the Nazi Party in Germany, and every other Nazi party as well. What’s interesting is that these are the same positions held by QMI. Not out in the open like Nazis, but you can see it if you look.

Interesting that they describe far right politics the same way you would describe them.