The Taliban Book of Poetry Published

A book on the poetry of the Taliban is has been released to the public on Amazon. Some have hailed it has a magnificent collection of raw emotion compiled into 235 poems. They encompass man topics like “love poems, verses exulting in the Afghan landscape and patriotic ballads, [they] provide a unique insight into the human side of the Taliban.” Its publishing has caused a great stir in the UK as commanders have denounced it.

“What we need to remember is that these are fascist, murdering thugs who suppress women and kill people without mercy if they do not agree with them, and of course are killing our soldiers.”
– Retired colonel Richard Kemp

The ignorance here is absolutely astounding. Kemp is clearly giving a knee jerk reaction to the existence of the opinion of “the Enemy”. His words of denunciation echo those of the protesters who wish him and those like him to stop pushing their wars on the Third World. Men like him who crave bloodshed because it gives their lives meaning.

“Fascist, murdering thugs” are what the imperialists are. It is them who force mass violence upon the exploited of the world, all for the profit of the capitalist elite. They mindlessly consume the terror inflicted upon the poor for their own self-gratification and nationalist identity. It is military men who almost daily rape their own female soldiers, never mind the countless Iraqi women who have been raped by them.

This should be what we scream every time they declare another war on another poor exploited mass. I for one will be purchasing this book and reading it aloud in a video.

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