Rand Paul’s Abortion Flood Insurance

Rand Paul recently tried to sneak fetal personhood through on Flood insurance legislation…

Rand Paul is one of these leaders of the libertarian movement. One of the leaders of the privileged White crybaby community. They scream over and over again about big government getting in their lives and telling them what to do and telling them what to say. (Although failing to see the source of all of this.) And here we have them, using big government once again to force their wants on others. They want to control woman’s bodies. They cry incessantly if the government dares say how little someone can be paid as fascism. Yet here they are deliberately trying to control a woman’s body. As they cry that they should be able to do whatever they want, when they want, they are here forcing control over literally over the lives of women. So much for that “live free or die” rhetoric they keep throwing around. For libertarians you don’t even have a right to your own body. So much for freedom and choice, well if you’re a woman anyway.

Then they get mad when you show the links their ideology have with Hitler’s Germany.

For all their big words about defending liberty, they jump right on board with the government controlling woman’s bodies. Just think about that when you think about how many female libertarians there are. Yes I’ve often repeated that libertarians are White privileged males that live in the First World, many of whom have never had to work an actual job before. Some have, and insist that their minimum wage labour power is somehow more valuable than others. Think about not just the hypocrisy here, but how disconnected their ideas are from how reality is really manifested. Another case of privileged Whites trying to dictate how things should be for women, even women of colour. Even more disgusting when you think about how Rand Paul already has access to all the health care he could possibly want.

Also consider the underhanded nature of this attempt to have big government control woman’s bodies. This amendment to a bill was introduced in a farming bill. How much further away from health care, let alone abortion legislation could you get? Figuratively, Rand Paul tried to sneak this through the back door. How underhanded is this? Trying to smuggle legislation past the reproductive rights aware community. A typical right wing approach, try to get it past the people before they’ve had a chance to see it, or even know it was coming. No one should be surprised by this at all. this is how the right wing pro-capitalist people have always operated. This is how they have always pushed through fascist legislation. Look at the Patriot Act and how quickly and quietly they tried to push that through. They almost didn’t even announce that it was being voted on. And even then they preyed on people’s emotional state to get it rammed down the American people’s throats. Or what about the bank bailouts? Both George Bush and Barack Obama did those completely away from the public’s view. Normally right wingers blame Obama, when in fact Bush kicked it off and Obama followed up.

Its amazing to see not only the the completely dishonest nature of libertarians, but their completely fascist nature.