Toronto Sun Fear Mongering Over Strippers

The government is not renewing and banning the visas of women who work as strippers. Basically there will be no more work visas to bring women into the country to strip. This intended to cut down on human trafficking because they do frequently use this process to give a cover for their business.

The Toronto Sun has gone on its usual propaganda mode for the capitalist class. This time for one of the scummiest industries, the Strip Club industry. To facilitate this function they’ve begun their scare campaign to make us all think that if we ban foreign strippers, our teenage high school daughters are next with their headline: STRIP CLUBS MAY GO AFTER TEENS. This was in the print version, the electronic version was: Strip clubs to look for dancers in Toronto schools.

It all begins with this ominous warning:

“Recruiters of teenage strippers may soon be scouring Toronto high schools in search of female students who can be groomed into disrobing part-time as exotic dancers to earn college tuition.”

To paraphrase Marx, there is a spectre haunting high schools. The spectre of a greasy old man looking for young girls.

Now this is not to say the claim is based on nothing. In the article Tim Labrinos the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada says recruiters will try to attract students by attending job fairs at high schools. He also said they are already doing some “outreach” work in that area.

Despite this actual threat from the strip club industry, its all based on one illogical conclusion. That any school board in Toronto would allow these kinds of people into a high school. This is an underhanded assumption by The Sun that the TDSB would allow adult entertainment recruiters on school grounds to recruit. Let alone allow them anywhere near underage students. Frankly, given the history of the Sun and they way they do journalism, I’m of the opinion that this was a subtle slander.

The article continues with its evidence:

“The Toronto Sun has obtained a draft copy of the flyer to be circulated to high school students. It advises them that they can earn tuition fees while working as an “exotic dance entertainer” and that no sex with customers is permitted.”

Unfortunately this flyer they claim to have is highly suspicious looking. For me, anytime The Sun has evidence that looks highly questionable, I pretty much just call them liars and assume they have nothing. They’ve said what they claim is in it, citing the difficulties paying for collage, making it out to be a safe and glamourous job, which it is not. Having said that I am going to ignore this evidence because its very sketchy.

Now let us get to the real matter at hand, why this article was ever written in the first place. This next portion of the article explains quite nicely why this fear mongering of high school girls being recruited by strippers is being done.

“A scramble is underway by the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada to fill a demand for dancers after Ottawa this month stopped issuing visas or extensions for foreign strippers to work here…

…“They’re destroying the industry by creating a labour shortage,” said association director Tim Lambrinos…”

Now we can see what the real fuss is all about, having to pay the women who dance a wage corresponding to the demand of the labour market. This labour market is much like any other labour market. If the capitalist is simply unwilling to pay workers the amount the market demands, they bring in cheaper labour from another source. Farms don’t want to pay a fair labour market value for people to pick vegetables or fruit, so they hire migrant workers. Much cheaper labour from Mexico.

In actuality this is really all about the industry losing its ability to weaken the labour market for its own benefit. The Adult Entertainment Association of Canada is an organization representing the interests of the people who own businesses that are classified as “adult entertainment”, a section of the capitalist class. This is an example of capitalists twisting supply and demand to their favour when it doesn’t work out that way. They talk whenever you ask them about the greatness of capitalism and the forces of supply and demand. However in reality, they are always willing and prepared to distort the market in their favour. This is one of those contradictions of capitalism that Marx spoke about so much. The market is the end all-be all of truth, yet they distort it all the time to do their bidding. They have the power to do so, because they are the capitalist class.

In this situation if we keep looking we can see something else happening here. The Strip Club industry in danger of losing its cheap labour are essentially threatening the public. If we don’t get our cheap labour for our clubs and we refuse to pay a fair market price for that labour domestically, we’re going to go into your schools and target your daughters. Labrinos says straight out in the video that accompanies the article that they will have to “more aggressively recruit” in high schools. They are threatening the parents of Toronto into creating a creating a public outcry over their loss of labour. Hey are using a threat against people’s children to get what they want. That is disgusting, underhanded and cowardly.

The purpose of the Toronto Sun here is to whip up fear of this spectre of strip club recruiters going into high schools to propagandize our daughters into the world of stripping. They are helping with the scare to get the government to overturn the ban on stripper visas. Why would they be caring out the interests of the strip club you might ask? To answer your question one must simply look at the back pages of the publication to see who is paying so much money for ad space.

The Toronto Sun is a publication of the bourgeois class, thus they carry out the interests of the bourgeois class.

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