US TV Censors South-North Korean Handshake

This is a prime example of the US media manipulating public perception on order to justify its imperialist military policy. All the time we are bombarded with the idea that the DPRK is absolutely unwilling to negotiate or be reasonable in anyway shape or form. This takes many forms, like for example constantly claiming they’re launching a missile when it keeps turning out to be a rocket every time. Or claiming that the DPRK is doing all kinds of ridiculous things threatening the entire world.

Thus by proxy, create the perception that they are intentionally pushing war with everyone rather than living in peace. As a result of that we must be prepared to go to war against them. We must in someway find a manner to which engage in war with them that won’t lead to as much devastation as is predicted. A war with the DPRK would be immensely costly, they would like to minimize that.

So constantly we must be given the impression that the DPRK is irrational and “crazy” so that we can feel justified in continuing to block their food supply and other supplies. We must constantly paint them as irrational monsters that are madmen. Usually this takes the form of false claims that are ridiculous. Often we are censored from hearing about positive things that happen between North and South Korea. Well that American media lie has been exposed in a small way.

The American television station NBC which is broadcasting the Olympics has deliberately blocked the public from seeing a symbol of respect between North and South Korean table tennis players. South Korea’s Ryu Seung-min defeated the DPRK’s Kim Hyok Bong. After the match they shook hands, a symbol of respect between the two nations that are still technically at war. This moment was censored on American television, because they didn’t want the public to see this display of respect. The thought that these two weren’t thinking about killing each other would be harmful to the idea that the North only wants to kill the South, when it is the North who has put out the real effort to reunify the peninsula. The US on the other hand has always been a direct obstacle to it.

A hand shake between a North and South player is too dangerous for the American public to see, because it doesn’t portray the DPRK as unreasonable maniacs that have to be fought. Remember this when the next incident of a US soldier slaughtering 9 children in an Afghan village gets exposed. The US and its jingoist mentality should be considered a terrorist nation.