Gas Station Worker Killed Over Gas Price

A human life was worth $112.85.

Recently a gas station attendant in Toronto was killed trying to stop somebody from pumping gas and driving off. This concerns me as person who works at a gas station. They are saying that the oil companies are telling their employees not to go after anyone who drives off without paying, but also that some stations deduct the amount from employees’ pay cheques. This is highly unfair. There are suggestions that legislation should be passed that people should pay before they can pump, like they do in B.C.

I never chase anyone, only so far as to get a license plate I never get close. I’m not risking death for a minimum wage job. Its illegal for those gas stations to deduct the loss from people’s pay, its an accusation of a criminal act in doing so. Its a civil matter. They threatened me with that twice where I work and I told them if they did I’d take them to court. In equity I’d destroy them. They’re essentially saying its your fault when its not. Gas stations have insurance for this, they just taking it out on the employee to avoid filing an insurance claim. If people keep driving off on a station attendant, then he should be fired for incompetence, no accused of a criminal act by having his pay stolen. If all 12 pumps are busy how the hell am I supposed to see all of them on top of how busy it is? Not to mention at night I can only see the license plates of cars at the 3 pumps closest to me. If someone has a rusty or partially obstructed license plate I can’t see anything.

So much for the virtuous capitalist assuming the risk by going out into market place hua? I will not die for your profits nor will I assume your risk as an entrapenur.

CBC News Article on the incident: