Sun Media Hypocrisy On Religion And State

The Toronto Sun is one the most ardent defenders of religion in this country. At least a few times a week you can find some article deploring the the removal of the Church from having influence over society. They cried incessantly when it was decided that Gay/Straight Alliances were allowed to exist in Catholic schools. That the state funded educational institutions had to allow groups of heterosexual and homosexual students to form groups that promoted not hating homosexual students.

These same journalists threw a fit when it was declared that teaching homosexuality was wrong and could no longer be done. They screamed daily that it should be the right of any school to preach hatred towards homosexuals. They denied that teaching kids that its wrong to be homosexual was hate speech. It damn well is, no matter how many times they want to invoke “freedom of religion” to defend doing it.

They have a very underhanded double standard here that is not readily visible on the surface. They once in a while promote the separation of Church and state as the way things should be, to which I wholeheartedly agree. The rest of the time they rage when Christianity is being pushed aside for the sake of that same progress. They don’t overtly say Christianity should be in the state, they just complain when it doesn’t have control over social forces.

Let me put this another way. They don’t want the morning prayer in government abolished, they want it to remain despite their superficial stance that religion and state should be separate. They want sate schools to remain non-religious, yet complain when policy decides that preaching that homosexuality is wrong, should be abolished.

Lorrie Goldstein the associate editor of the Toronto Sun gave his view on how violence in the inner city should be solved. By ending state funded mentoring programs and just hand it over to local churches so they can preach the gospels to them so they’ll be more moral. It would be an entire blog post itself explaining why such an idea is outright ineffective and stupid. Let alone how pro-theocratic it would be to do so. This is them talking about the separation of Church and state while directly calling for state money to be handed over to Churches.

So we should be in no way comprised when the Sun doles out more hypocrisy when it comes to dealing with the upheaval in the Middle East over the slanderous anti-Mohammad movie. Sun Media journalist Lorne Gunter is a prime example of this in his September 16th article where he decries Arab countries for not having a total desperation of Church and state while his own newspaper tries to do the opposite, it cries when homosexuality is defended.

He begins the article by quoting Hilary Clinton in saying that the reaction to the anti-Mohammed film is over blown. She went on to say that there was no justification for the violence that has been carried out. Particularly against the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Both of them proceed to blame Islamic fundamentalists for the violence. As if regular Muslims wouldn’t be so greatly offended as well. Of course they are offended, this isn’t merely some film that was produced. This isn’t just some film that appeared out of nowhere and exists inside a vacuum. It comes out into a world where the West is bombing and killing millions of Muslims in many countries. They’re acting like its some simple act of childishness insulting Muslims. Its coming as the same people the movie attacks is being physically attacked and killed. That changes the entire context of the release of the film.

To confirm that they are viewing the entire situation in a fraudulent way, Gunter proceeds to point out how Christians and Jews supposedly don’t react this way:

“Maybe Christians and Jews don’t get the same deferential treatment because they don’t firebomb buildings, overturn cars and murder ambassadors when someone provokes them.”

Does this man even live in the same world as the rest of us? Has he just forgotten about the unjust invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? Is he ignorant of the 3 million people that were killed in those wars? There was tremendous amounts of Christian rhetoric against Muslims during these mass killings of innocent Muslim people. How could you ever former U.S. President forget George W. Bush getting up on stage in public and literally calling it a Crusade? Daily in the media slanders against Muslims were thrown around without thought as to who it would hurt. So may US and even UK government leaders and figures went out into the public and specifically stated that these wars were against a “savage and evil religion”.

This comes from the same people who seemingly never remember the endless slaughter Israel unleashes against Palestine everyday. The people of Palestine live with their necks under the jackboot of Israeli oppression. Murders against the Palestinians occur almost daily. In operation Cast lead only a short time ago Israel launched a war against Palestine, a country that has no army. 1,200 Palestinians died in the actual combat, (unknown how many after from the destruction of medical facilities and water supplies) while a mere handful, less than 5 died on the Israeli army side. Even then most of them were friendly fire. This was not a war, it was a one sided mass murder. All of this because some fraud of a holy book says the Israelis have a claim on a land they were not even on.

Sun Media’s position is that every non-Christian country (where Christianity is not the majority) should have a separation of Church and state. Except for any Christian country, where Christian supremacy isn’t written into law, just understood as some “unwritten rule”. They have demonstrated a clear hypocrisy, a dishonest of view of the the Islamic world and outright double standard when it comes to violence.

. . .

Just one more thing before I go. At the end of the article he gives an example of non-Muslims having a hard time speaking. He gave this example:

“Like it or not, they were acquiescing to the extremists’ demands that our concept of free speech be subordinated to the feelings of religious zealots elsewhere in the world.

They would not have withered the same in the face of Christian zealots. Western human rights commissions even went after some who did publish the Danish drawings, such as the Sun News Network’s Ezra Levant, citing them for bringing hatred on Muslims.”

Actually a better question would be to see what will happen to Ezra Levant when he has to face up to the unmitigated racism he unleashed on the Roma during a broadcast of his show. If you’re going for an example of Levant racism, you should have used this one.

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