Sun Media Using Teenage Students

Sun Media is no stranger to hypocrisy, nor am I am stranger to pointing it out and criticizing it. Almost daily they make complaints about actions taken by liberals that they themselves and they’re masters in the Conservative Party take. On Monday the 18th this was taken to a very sad low. Using teenagers for political point scoring and propaganda.

Right now there is an ongoing issue with the teacher’s union and the provincial government. In this situation the teachers have decided on a work to rule campaign where they perform the function of teachers but refuse any other work outside of that. Meaning extra curricular activities have been cut including sports. As a result the students at Bramalea Secondary School, about 300 in all demonstrated in support of getting their sports and other activities back. Its the fifth student demonstration since the proceeding Friday.

Sun Media has taken to celebrating these students for standing up to the teachers they themselves have been demonizing. Applauding these students for standing up for themselves. I’d be laughing if I didn’t see something disgusting behind it.

Not to long ago students in Quebec students were striking over cuts to the education system. 95% of the students walked out of classes and blocked the school from functioning to protest the attack on their education. Sun Media was right there slandering these students on a daily basis. They called them all kinds of nasty names and made all kinds of mischaracterizations. Sun Media called them lazy, worthless, over privileged and down right disrespectful punks. For what? Defending their education against cuts? (By the way fascists, education is a right not a privilege.)

Yet here is Sun Media supporting teenage students for protesting their teachers. But wait, weren’t they just slandering students for protesting budget cuts? So attacking teachers for not having sports is okay, but protesting cuts to their actual education is wrong? It is hypocrisy, but hypocrisy with an agenda. Sun Media is massive supporter of attacking unions, regardless of the issue, regardless of how it affects people’s rights, they always attack them. That is their job as the mouth piece of the Conservative Party and the personal propaganda outlet of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. (Its not just the ridiculous bias, its also they fact they literally hired his campaign manager. They were so bold as to publicly announce it.)

The education of the youth means nothing to them. They see students as merely a political tool to be used to attack unions. The rights of students to education means nothing, they are all aboard cuts to learning. The class allegiance of Sun Media should never be in question. They are an outlet, they spout the most vile of ruling class propaganda. What makes it more insidious is the fact they try to portray themselves as a working person’s paper. (Laughable considering they sigh at using the word “people” instead of “man”.)

They are nothing of the sort, they are a product of class war against workers and youth.

As a final note: The students need to realize they’re backing attacks on teachers and cuts to their education. You won’t have sports in your school if there’s no money for it.