UN Vote And Ezra Levant Are A Shame On This Nation

The historic vote only a few days ago has left Palestine with the position of a “non-member observer”, a big step towards recognition as a state. The vote was an overwhelming one, 138 voting in favour as opposed to 9 voting against and 41 obtaining. Clearly the majority of the UN membership has spoke and emphatically declared that Palestine does indeed deserve this status and a lot more. International recognition of the righteous cause of Palestinian statehood has been achieved. No longer can the genocide supporting anti-Palestine crowd pretend the world doesn’t want a Palestinian state. As a result the right wing racist forces have come out of the corner swinging with all their might.

Case in point, on December 2nd SunMedia columnist Ezra Levant penned a rather hateful tirade against the rights of Palestinians. Levant repeatedly called the people of Palestine terrorists. He called the men, women and children murdered by the Israeli “Defense” Force, terrorists. Little is more cowardly than calling a defenceless people who are continually slaughtered, terrorists. This kind of disreputable behaviour is expected out of a man who launched a segment of his program (The Source) dedicated to slandering the Roma, so badly there is a hate crime investigation into it. He literally referred to Palestine as a “terrorist compound”. This is equally on the same level as the things actually Islamic fundamentalist militants (as opposed to Palestinian civilians) have said about the West, like The Great Satan.

The right wing stance of pro-genocide against Palestine is so weak, so completely without defense, that Levant resorted to nonsensical comparisons in order to justify the anti-Palestinian position. For instance, he compared Palestine to Taiwan which is not recognised as a country. There is a very good reason for this, it is not. It is an island that belongs as a part of China. Taiwan only ever became separate from China because of US military actions cutting it off from the rest of the country during the Communist revolution. In fact, Taiwan was so arrogant that it tried to declare itself to be China. UN Resolution 2758 gave rightful recognition to the People’s Republic of China to be considered China. It is land stolen from China by the US serving as a puppet state. On top of that, you can hardly call it a “liberal democracy” as Levant did.

He also compared Palestine to Quebec, asking why the UN doesn’t rule that Quebec is a nation. Well for several reasons actually. One is that Quebec has actually voted on whether or not to separate from Canada. Palestine was given no such vote; it was simply invaded, murdered and annexed. It doesn’t have a mechanism by which to declare itself a country. It is actively being murdered on a daily basis by another country. This is not the situation that Quebec faces. This is a tremendously dishonest comparison by Levant, intended to use the Sun’s virulently anti-French prejudice on Palestinians.

Like a true defender of Zionism, Levant attacks anyone who disagrees with Israel’s genocide of Palestine as being anti-Semitic. “The UN, which was formed in the wake of Second World War in part to stop a repeat of Hitler’s carnage, has become the greatest force for modern anti-Semitism…” This is a baseless accusation, like those levelled at anyone how dares to disagree with the Israeli mass murder of Palestinians. The inability to rationally justify the invasion and slaughter of Palestine is displayed here for the whole world by calling people anti-Semitic. Their answer, for the rightful criticism for genocide is to simply label them as haters. It is a coward’s way of trying to justify their crimes. No one should expect any better from Levant.

Levant continued to show his disgust for democracy and the democratic process by declaring that Canada should leave the UN. Israel agreed to be a part of the UN and abide by its ruling, which it rarely does. When it doesn’t get its way they stamp their feet on the ground, murder Palestinian children and have the US come in and punish the UN or and body of it. This is what Levant advocates, simply walking out when a democratic action doesn’t go their way. It’s nothing less than acting like a cry-baby.

Levant finishes his article by saying that Canada should at least stop funding UN projects like UN schools in Gaza, because supposedly they teach children to be anti-Semitic. Of course he’s leaving out providing any proof, or any logical recognition that they might hate Israel because they get slaughtered by them every day. By that same token I’d like my tax money to stop going to SunMedia and paying for Levant’s hate speeches against the Roma.
No, Canada did not stand tall at the UN. It was made to look like a piece of hate-filled garbage before the entire world. As everyone else was willing to give rights to Palestinians, Canada stood shoulder-to-shoulder with those who would withhold such rights. Canada used to at least pretend to support freedom and the rights of people. Now we openly side with those who take it away and shake hands with those who mass murder the third World for profits.

I hang my head in shame being a Canadian. This country is disgusting.

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