Trotskyist Slanders To Covers His Own Idiocy

A lying Trotskyist scumbag over at has decided to get butthurt over his ridiculous messages to me trying to convince me that the Dictatorship of the Proletariat is capitalism, that its supposed to exist in capitalism not socialism. Then he tries to convince me that socialism has no classes, which it does. I proved him so wrong that he’s made a blog post claiming that I said socialism has no classes and that I only insulted him when he challenged me. In fact he’s a complete liar, here is a pdf containing all the messages he sent where he says exactly what he is claiming I said. This liar has been exposed as a fraud, a slanderer, a butthurt crybaby and a complete ignorant on Marxism. This trash needs to be called out on his lies.

Here is a video I made giving more information: