Bank Of America Compensating US Military Victims of Wrongful Foreclosures

Something that always astounds me is the blind devotion military service members have for their country. I think this is best exemplified by the willingness to sacrifice for a group of people who hate you and abuse you. Service members are of course convinced by their superiors, indoctrination and media propaganda that their sacrifices are for the American people themselves. I don’t know how anyone can still be buying the official line at this point.

Take this for example, Bank of America has now been ordered to pay $36.8 million to military service members who had their homes unlawfully closed upon (oops, sorry I mean “improperly foreclosed on”) while they were overseas in active duty. It’s actually illegal to do so. Foreclosing on a service member who is on active duty overseas violates the Servicemembers act. Currently the Justice Department is still reviewing foreclosures from all five banks involved.

According to the Reuters article:

Each of 316 service members will receive at least $116,785, plus compensation and with interest, for any home equity lost.

These members of the military, I believe, were blatantly ripped off by mortgage companies. I could not think of a more lowlife thing to do to someone overseas. (In my opinion) literally stealing someone’s home while they are away. Upwards of 5,000 members had their homes confiscated according to regulators in 2011.

The truly ironic part is that the home was stolen by the very people the soldier was off fighting for. Members of the military need to keep this incident in mind when they decide whether or not to sign up for another tour of duty. There have been countless incidents of soldiers being refused body armour, dying from faulty electrical work in showers, to ignoring their incredibly high suicide rate, to outright cutting their benefits for having made sacrifices.

The ruling class cares nothing for those they send to their deaths. They care nothing for you as a member of the military. The only solution is to outright refuse enlisting and refuse a possible draft. The Russians too faced the same choice. Become mutilated or dead for the benefit of the Czar, or refuse service and join the Bolsheviks.

There is a reason way the following lines are in the Internationale:

“The soldiers too will take strike action, they’ll break ranks and fight no more…”

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