Beat Back The Lies of and Nate Thayer

NKNews has produced a new piece that is just simply unbelievable. Their credibility is already questionable as I have proven them liars in the past. This new piece asserts that American supporters of the DPRK are White supremacists and members of apocalyptic cults.

Part 1: John Paul Cupp

First it asserts that the DPRK government supported John Paul Cupp the 22 year old son of a fundamentalist Christian preacher from Indiana. They say he received a message of support from the DPRK as follows.

“Upon the authorization of the Central Committee” it read, Pyongyang “extends militant greetings to you who extend warm support and solidarity to the Songun policy of our respected Marshal Kim Jong Il, treasure sword of our nation.”

The “formation of the Songun Politics Study Group USA has been reported to our Central Committee and, through it, to the Workers Party of Korea….Now your organization has been introduced to the entire Korean nation in the south and the north We are very pleased to have a revolutionary organization and comrades like you in the land of the United States, the bulwark of imperialism and determined to further the relationship with you in depth,”

After searching the archive I have found on that day specified an announcement of the Institute of Songun politics and of the letter sent to him. The letter states that they know of his group being formed and that it has been reported. It doesn’t show that they even know him, it shows they want to start working with the group.

After that they say North Korea didn’t tell anyone that John Paul Cupp had no address because he was homeless and living in a tent under a highway in Portland, Oregon. I don’t know of what relevance this is.

It’s interesting how they word statement that the letter was sent:

Rodong Sinmun, the official voice of the ruling Korean Worker’s Party (KWP), reported the news on September 11, the two year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.

What is the relevance of mentioning that the date is two years exactly after the 9/11 attacks? None, it’s a dishonest attempt to associate Cupp and North Korea with 9/11. They’re deliberately trying to juxtapose the images of 9/11 with the DRPK, who had nothing to do with it. This is trying to paint an image of horrors in the readers minds. Its frankly pathetic and further demonstrates their hollow propaganda nature.

It continues:

By the time Cupp vowed his loyalty to Pyongyang and was made Chairman of the newly created Songun Politics Study Group USA, his evolving political ideology embraced white supremacy, pro Islamic Jihadists, virulent anti-Semitism, and launching domestic terrorism to achieve the armed overthrow of the U.S. Government.

Yes when he “vowed his loyalty to Pyongyang” he was Chairman, but he was not yet a White supremacist and all these other accusations. He began getting involved with them and in combination with illness lead to his abandoning the organization. He left the DPRK group because of his racist and often contradictory views. The PRK then began rejecting him and the beliefs he holds. Cupp actually claims the DRPK backed him on supporting anti-Semitism for 6 years, which is untrue. The DPRK opposes racism including anti-Semitism. Cupp provides no proof that the DPRK is in complete contradiction of their long held positions. His position towards the DPRK today is actually questionable.

Nate Thayer the author of the article is claiming Pyongyang supported someone they didn’t. He left when his views conflicted with the Juche-Son’gon idea. Thayer is essentially twisting the truth.

Cupp remained head of the U.S. Songun Study Group for the next seven years during which he travelled to Pyongyang as an official guest of the North Korean government. Simultaneously, he forged alliances with other American White Power extremist groups who shared his fidelity to Pyongyang, created other political front groups espousing armed revolution to create a racially pure state, and joined with apocalyptic fringe religious sects espousing suicide bombers as a tactic for achieving religious and political goals.

This is a half truth, what he was doing was trying to build and anti-imperialist block that opposed the imperialist actions of the US government. Is it questionable to do this with White Power groups and others? Absolutely, it was this along with other actions that lead to the DPRK denouncing him, and lead to his quitting the organization.

In December 2009, Cupp penned a piece in which he wrote “White Power, when correctly defined, ultimately wants both separation from and death to America. Indeed, ‘White Power, Death to America!’ … the best models existing today, and worthy of careful study, admiration, and solidarity by our people are those of North Korea and the Iraqi Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party.”

This post does exist and can be found in FreeMedia’s archive. What we have here is a massive contradiction, a White Power group in unity with the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party. This makes no sense whatsoever. This is why he is no longer in power in the organization. This kind of insanity and contradiction I’ve seen before. I’ve seen this kind of thing in Marxists before. A few individuals call themselves Jeffersonian-Marxists. This also makes no sense, one was a slave owner who didn’t want non-White land owning men being able to vote. In further writings he claims these beliefs are compatible, which they are not. People are not immune from saying insane things. I could out to countless insane things has said with absolutely nothing to back it up.

All NKNews and the author have is take someone who is longer of the ideology and claim that the DPRK supported it. Meanwhile the US the home White Power movements actually in the US government, funds radical Islam fundamentalist groups.

One need only look as a far as Steve Smith, White Supremacist, Elected To Republican Party Committee In Pennsylvania County.

Part 2: What we have already said (taken form the Juche-Songon society)

Possibly the most controversial character of the group, the stories of Sutter’s activities according to the NKNews article are largely true. The Juche community has already dealt with this individual and several others over these accusations. It would be best for me to allow them to speak in their own words.

Over the past several years, the Juche movement in North America has been hampered in its’ development because of the study group’s former chairman John Paul Cupp’s deviationism from Kim Il Sungist Thought and his flirtations with anti-communist philosophies such as white nationalism which led him to bring many dangerous and suspect people into the group; two of these individuals were Joshua Caleb Sutter and James Porrazzo. This very same James Porrazzo has been slandering us and our current chairman Jason Adam Tonis heavily over the Internet recently, telling people that he is a “globalist agent” and “pig”….Porrazzo’s only evidence being that his name appears on a website as a leader of a group called the Manchukuo Temporary Government. Our chairman replies : “I was indeed a member of that organisation a few years ago, being a 22 year old kid I can make some pretty stupid decisions, but once I discovered the truth of socialism I no longer support such reactionary doctrines as Manchukuo – I have asked the Manchukuo people to please remove my name from their website but they keep stalling, this information is known to Alejandro Cao de Benos who knew of this before appointing me Official Delegate of the KFA in the USA. Porrazzo never once asked me for an explanation of that, which I would have gladly given him, but instead just began slandering me”…….but there is an ulterior motive to his slanders, Porrazzo is trying to cover up his connections with an accused FBI informant and snitch, Joshua Caleb Sutter. It can not be a coincidence that Porrazzo, formerly very friendly to me only became my enemy once I demanded to know what his ties with Sutter actually were……….Who is Joshua Sutter ?Joshua Caleb Sutter is the son of David Sutter, a well known neo-Confederate and racist politician, a figure in the League of the South and a manager of the Southern Patriot shop, Joshua was himself a rising star in the white racist group Aryan Nations until his arrest in 2002 for purchasing an illegal gun from an FBI agent……a crime for which Sutter spent two years in prison for.,1

After Sutter’s release from prison in late 2004, he was accused by several other Aryan Nations figures of having switched sides and now being a government agent, several figures were sent to prison on charges they claim were traps and set-ups by Sutter :

Sutter, at least outwardly, continued to advocate white supremacy and relocated to Lexington, SC. His status within Aryan Nations began to grow murky though…

Around this time a new communist group calling itself the Rural People’s Party was formed in Lexington…….

Note the story given for the party’s formation , the founder’s story is very akin to Sutter’s. In personal conversations I had with the RPP leader, who utilised the pseudonym Woods, Woods told me that he had been a member of Aryan Nations before his “conversion” to communism and that he feared retribution by Aryan Nations for his defection. What is strange is that if Sutter/Woods had really defected from white supremacy and feared for his life, why was he still living close by to the Aryan Nations headquarters in Lexington ?
Look at these photos posted by the RPP – note the woman’s face

Because of the RPP’s supposed adoption of the Juche ideology (see they contacted the then Songun Politics Study Group USA in 2007 and had very cordial relations with them for a time, the woman shown, named Jillian, even became the fiancee of the then chairman John Paul Cupp. In 2008 however Cupp became severely ill for no apparent purpose while at the same time the RPP simply cut off all ties, unprovoked, with us. Cupp believes his illness was caused by being poisoned by Jillian and that the whole RPP action was designed as a government attempt to seize control over the Study Group (with Cupp dead Woods would have become the study group leader) and thus have an inside connection to the DPRK leadership. Woods later boasted to me that Jillian was in fact his own girlfriend and that he had indeed poisoned Cupp – he justified it by saying that Cupp was “insane” and the Study Group “deserved” a better leader. Cupp was indeed mentally ill and a crypto-reactionary to boot and his lack of judgement was in fact the sole cause of his entrapment by Woods/Sutter but nonetheless Sutter showed himself to be supremely opportunistic and shady via his statements to me and also to other comrades whom he tried to enlist in his unsuccessful 2007-8 attempt to take over the group.

On November 18 2008 Woods and Jillian married

In early 2009, when I was just becoming a supporter of the DPRK, I contacted the RPP via email because I was impressed that they were an American Juche party, I joined it knowing very little about it and was given the membership code # MZD78. I then quickly became confused because the RPP had nothing but bad to say about the US Songun study group, but they never told me exactly why it was so bad….so I decided to contact them and see for myself. When I first spoke to John Paul Cupp via email and the telephone and told him I was an RPP member, he quickly informed me as to the entire story mentioned above : when I went back to the RPP and asked for more clarification on what Cupp had said, Sutter/Woods became extremely angered and then issued me a death threat. When I told this to Cupp, Cupp issued a counter-threat to Woods telling him that if he attempted to kill me or Cupp, Cupp would expose his true identity as Sutter. Sutter then backed down and did not bother me at all for the last two years.

Since 2009, Sutter has adopted yet another new identity, that of a Hare Krishna priest, he now calls himself on Facebook and other sites as Shree Shree Kalki-Kalika Mandir
note the links below showing Sutter is Shree

Now note the website of Sutter’s new group the New Bihar Mandir “temple” look at this photo

It is quite apparent the woman shown here is the same woman from the RPP. Also Shree’s wedding date, listed as November 18 2008 on his Facebook profile is the same date the RPP leader gave above. The New Bihar Mandir is said to be headquartered on a commune in Lexington, SC, same location as the RPP.

In February 2011, John Paul Cupp’s mentally ill state and devolution reached a point whereby he totally abandoned Juche and communism, Jason-Adam Tonis was left to take over leadership of the group and try to rebuild it. He decided to lead it in a strictly orthodox Juche-Songun framework, away from racism and all those who supported racist ideas. Jason-Adam Tonis since 2009 had always opposed John Paul Cupp’s white nationalist line but his attempts to lead Cupp back to the orthodox Juche camp always ended in failure due to Cupp’s increasing mental illness.

A few weeks ago, a man using the name Tyler Moses formed a group calling itself the Juche Front ( this man was also an Aryan Nations figure (see ……and he claimed also to be a Hare Krishna and member of New Bihar Mandir, as part of our group’s routine background check for applying member candidates, we discovered the identity of New Bihar Mandir’s leader Shree Shree Kalika-Kalki Mandir was actually Sutter. When I brought this to the attention of James Porrazzo, who is also a Hare Krishna and friend of Sutter/Shree Shree, Porrazzo refused to consider the matter and then began the infamous and brigandish slanders against our group and its’ chairperson.

Looking back on it the spirit of criticism, the fault for these matters rests solely upon John Paul Cupp and his adoption of a pro-white nationalist line; had he not done so James Porrazzo and Joshua Sutter would never once have ever been considered for a moment to be validly qualified to be members of this study group, from now on we will pursue a more vigilant anti-racist, anti-white nationalist policy.

North American Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group

Addendum : On the night of December 31, 2011, James Porrazzo telephoned Comrade Jason-Adam Tonis using the number 617-271-1768 and claimed that he was outside Tonis’ fiancee’s residence and he was about to murder her. After a half hour of calling Porrazzo out on his bluff, Porrazzo admitted to Tonis that he was not in fact outside Tonis’ fiancee’s house …Porrazzo then claimed that the true purpose of his call was to attempt to make a “deal” whereby in return for our removing our expose of Porrazzo and Joshua Caleb Sutter, the two men would then take down their slanderous website about this group. The North American Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group has strongly decided on no deal, we will never negotiate with imperialist agent provocateurs ……for Porrazzo’s article was nothing but lies whereas we only wrote truth.

A few more interesting facts regarding James Porrazzo………

James is engaged to Miss Emily Putney and currently appears to be living in Miss Putney’s residence in Massachusets , leeching off her income. Miss Putney, on her Facebook page seen here (, was born on February 11, 1990, while we do not know the exact age of Porrazzo, he is known to have been a leader of the American Front since the early 1990s..(see……which would make him about twice his fiancee’s age…………

Despite her youth, Miss Emily Putney is not inexperienced though when it comes to having troubles with the law….in 2009 she and her then boyfriend verbally attacked an elderly Jew in a supermarket, a crime for which Putney received probation for.

James Porrazzo and Emily Putney both claim today that they are not anti-Semitic but only anti-Zionist…..if this is true how will they explain this event occurring only a couple of short years ago ?

The North American Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group repeats and reaffirms our warning to all comrades and friends of the DPRK and Juche to avoid James Porrazzo and his New Resistance group.

Part 3: Hypocrisy Exposed

Returning to my own words there are some more issues with this article I’d like to deal with. For starters there is a tremendous amount of hypocrisy in this article and the whole claim about those who support the DPRK. Sure, Thayer has managed to find a few kooks who have supported the DPRK. Some people who were White supremacists. But what does that even mean? The DPRK does not support them, North Korea has always taken a stance against racism, particularly White supremacy given that they are a Korean nation.

This is hypocritical given the fact that the United States of America is one of the most racist nations on Earth. In fact capitalism itself is the favourite ideology of racists because it plays right into their false sense of superiority, their hyper individuality that supports their belief in supposed inferiority of other races. There’s no surprise the ultimate ideology of inequality (and the justification thereof) is held so tightly by racists.

A person only has to watch the American news to find weekly racist comments and actions by Republican Party members. In fact their “White America” mentality was instrumental in their losing the last two federal elections. The demographics of America have changed, it is no longer a White vote dominated country. These people even have their own 24-hour propaganda outlet which spews racism and racist war justifications called FOX News. (Which by the way are the biggest supporters of South Korea). Time and time again the public has become aware of White supremacists who are actually in the Republican party.

Right wing ideology is the cornerstone of racist thinking. The Left believes that all people are equal and actually lives up to that mentality, socialism and communism are the ideas that everyone is equal. This is what right wingers cry about, everyone being treated equal. This shows the ideological weakness of anti-DPRK crowd. They can show their true colours by crying and bemoaning the ideal of equality while at the same time hypocritically and falsely accusing the DPRK of not carrying it out. It’s a common stance of right wingers and anti-Communists, just completely contradict yourself and rely on the ignorant hatred of the NKNews audience not to notice it.

The claim here is that the DPRK supports White supremacy when they themselves are not White. The illogical nature of this is astounding, and is frankly to be expected from the anti-North Korean crowd who frequently invent entirely childishly outrageous stories. This is to expected form which is one, if not the most, disreputable so-called news sources that have been caught lying more than once.

Further hypocrisy is the complaint of doomsday cults, or cults in general. There are plenty of cults in the US, in fact the US has a very high concentration of cults and a very powerful long history of it. Most of these organizations were centered around right wing leaning ideology. It’s not very relevant what their ideology was, but the fact they were American. This is a largely American phenomenon. These are a small sample of the cults that have existed, the vast overwhelming majority have existed outside the DPRK community. Some of these cults have had connections, albeit small ones, to the Republican Party. Let us take this even further to the South Korean nation itself. What about the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his cult? After all the man claimed to be the messiah, he literally claimed to be of divine blood. He was touted and supported by the South Korean and US governments as a tool in the Cold War. The only problem the US ever had with him was not paying enough taxes, meaning the US didn’t get their slice of the cult profits. In fact major US Republican Party supporters Jerry Falwell and Joseph Lowery spoke in defense of him. The US Republican Party supporters literally defended the cult. Let’s take this even further into the mainstream of Republican life. Watch the documentary “Jesus Camp” where children were given a cardboard cutout of George W. Bush and were praying to it. This cry of cults is nothing more than selective and hypocritical.

As per usual Thayer and NKNews fail to provide any sources for what it is the claim. Not a single link to anything they claim and a lack of sources to back up what they say. In honesty much of what is said about the actions of certain individuals is true, but the nature of their relationships to the pro-DPRK community is what is lied about. Sure, they give you an audio recording of a speech, but place it in the article itself so that you don’t click away and look at anything else. Sources are something the anti-DPRK and anti-Communist crowd like to leave out.

It’s also obvious that they’ve dishonestly cherry picked. They don’t mention all the other people who support the DPRK and don’t hold any of these positions. The majority of whom are Atheists. They don’t mention the hypocrisy of their claims. They don’t mention how none of this exists in the support for the DPRK in other countries. They take the American problem and lay it at the feet of the DPRK. This is horribly dishonest and is a further blow to their already non-existent credibility.

Finally let us remind ourselves of what is being done here. The accusation is obvious: if you support the DPRK and you live in the West, you must be racist or crazy. Which is a nice way of seemingly libeling anyone who presents information they deliberately leave out. If say you’re like me and have proven in the past they’ve lied.

Sources: (link now active and replaced with the following),1