Why I Became A Maoist-Third Worldist

A great article by a friend who lays out (not completely) much of the stance of Maoist Third Worldists.


Generally, we are not interested in posting any and all testimonials regarding the personal adoption of Maoist (Third Worldist) analysis. However, this recent article, posted at Gonzo Times by one of their former writers, is exceptional in countering some of the criticisms leveled against Maoism (Third Worldism). In addition, we congratulate the author of this piece for their bold, straight-forward explanations and defense of revolutionary class analysis. We know upholding Maoism (Third Worldism) is an unpopular action, especially among the already unpopular and marginalized First Worldist ‘left.’ Nonetheless, we are confident in our ability to develop cadre and build public opinion in a way that objectively aids the global revolutionary movement over the long-run. 

Readers may have noticed that I have not been posting articles lately. The reason for this being I have decided to leave Gonzo Times for political reasons that I will explain further.

First, allow me to say…

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