North Korean Nuclear Suicide Bombers!

According to DailyNK the DPRK now has nuclear suicide bombers that they are threatening to unleash upon the Western world. As usual you will note there is no source for the DPRK actually making the claim they exist. But they do have this according to them:

A unit of North Korean soldiers carrying what appeared to be representations of “nuclear backpacks” (a variation on the “briefcase bomb” concept) appeared during a military parade held on Saturday as part of North Korea’s commemoration of its “victory” in the Korean War.

However, it is thought unlikely that North Korea has the technical capacity to produce such a high-tech nuclear device.

I love the contradiction here: they have suitcase nukes, but they also don’t have them.

These men actually are what are known at “Liquidators”. Their job is to go into radioactive areas and perform cleanups. What the DPRK was actually doing was showing their ability to handle a nuclear attack from the US. They were parading them around to demonstrate that they are unafraid of US nuclear threats.

The name “Liquidators” comes from the Soviet Union. They were civil and military personnel who were sent in to deal with the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. They are not nuclear suicide bombers.

Why do people believe this? They do so through the power of bourgeois circular logic of course. These claims of crazy actions are believable because North Koreans are crazy. How do we know they are crazy? Because North Koreans do crazy things like this.

This is very similar to the whole “The Bible is the word of God” circular logic. We know the Bible is real because it was written by God. And we know that God exists because the Bible was written by him.

This is one of those incidents where the ridiculous anti-DPRK media makes itself quite obvious to anyone who cares to look. They’ve made the same mistake in the past.

“In 2011, Daily NK reported that the Chosun People’s Army had established a “backpack bomb unit” under the 8th Corps in North Pyongan Province. The unit, which is brigade-level, is said to operate under the auspices of a logging camp. However, there is no evidence that the unit is equipped with functioning weaponry even if it exists.”

Actually that “logging camp” is a training ground where they practice cleaning up radiation.

I find invoking fear with the image of a nuclear armed North Korea hypocritical, even if it is in a ridiculous way. After all the United States is the holder of the world’s largest stockpile of active nuclear weapons. As well as being a country that has actually used them and killed 150,000-246,000 people.

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Phony Claim Source:

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