Communist party members attacked and beaten by neonazis

The cowards of the Golden Dawn fascist garbage attacked comrades in the KKE.

An attack occurred in Perama (near the ship construction site) before the midnight yesterday (Thursday), when a group of 30 Communist party – KKE members who were erecting posters in the streets of the area were set upon 50 members of golden dawn neonazis, holding baseball bats and iron bars. The KKE said that the attackers wore t-shirts with the logo of golden dawn and, although some were wearing scarves and helmets, eyewitnesses recognized at least two of the assailants. The communist party has named the two Golden Dawn members who led the attack on its official website. The communist party has called a protest at 6pm today Friday 13th of September  in Perama. The members of its youth since this morning are also informing the residents of the area concerning this attack.

photo report from the neonazi murderous attack


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