The Insurmountable Idiocy of YouTube Misogynists

If you’re and avid follower of mine on YouTube then you’re no doubt aware of the recent little incident involving the fan base of the Amazing Atheist. I produced a video where I described the theory in Feminism that all heterosexual intercourse is rape. The reason I did so was because the Amazing Atheist did a video on it where he did little no work explaining the concept. Due to the fact that we share many subscribers, I felt it would be beneficial to those same subscribers that I explain the theory adequately and gave my opinion on it. I felt that this was necessary because I want my viewers to have a strong grasp of theory.

In doing so I got an abject lesson in just what an unthinking hoard the anti-Woman force actually is. I had always known they were this bad; I have not however, had the displeasure of actually experiencing it firsthand. The amount of hate thrown at me was not only irrational and outright stupid, it was completely unnecessary… I disagreed with the theory.

Yes, that’s right, I didn’t agree with the theory that all heterosexual sex is rape. I laid out the theory and then showed why I felt the theory was wrong. That’s right; I was mindlessly attacked for supporting something I didn’t support. Their own overwhelming ignorance led them to attack someone for essentially agreeing with them for a different reason. I agreed that the theory was wrong, but for a different reason than those who attacked me did. I felt the theory was fundamentally flawed. They hated it because it was feminist, so therefore it MUST be wrong.
There is a word for this… stupid.

All I attempted to do was be fair to those who propound the theory by adequately explaining it before showing why I disagree with it. This is what was not given by those who attacked it. Instead what they gave was these insane “criticisms”:




The ignorance was by no means limited to just users, larger YouTubers also produced such comments:


I have no idea how people like this can justify calling themselves intellectuals. I have no doubt that these same people would respond to me criticizing their ignorance with personal attacks upon myself.

I decided that my video should include an explanation of the theory because what was in Amazing Atheist’s was insufficient. I was concerned that The Amazing Atheist’s viewers, despite the fact he linked the blog post in the description, would not actually read it. This suspicion was certainly confirmed as likely true given the fact they were unable to even get to the 6 minute 30 second mark in a nine minute video to see the part where I disagreed with the theory. My guess was correct; they demonstrated that they were unwilling to even listen to the information put forward. They had an automatic predetermined belief and response according to that belief. This is the epitome of ignorance. This is the very essence of anti-intellectualism. It is also a disease that plagues the internet, and the standard operating procedure of the YouTube community. If you have a predetermined response to something that you never understood to begin with you are same as a Creationist.

There is the terrible reality that YouTube commenters, thereby likely the viewers as well, are horribly ignorant and just terrible. Several science channels have disabled their comments for this very reason. Largely viewed YouTubers like James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) have said that YouTube comments are the absolute worst.

I think this speaks volumes about the reality of aggression towards Feminism on the internet. What have we seen here? Someone just explained what a theory was ad they were attacked. I didn’t even agree with the theory and they attacked me. Think about that, you’re not even allowed to explain something in Feminism. If you even do so little as to even think about a theory, these raging woman haters will pounce on you. I cannot describe this irrational behaviour as anything but hate.

Of course I can expect a few responses from this blog post. I expect the typical response of victim blaming. They’ll no doubt cry that I’m “playing the victim” and accuse me of trying to drum up sympathy. This is the usual reaction of those who realize their actions were horrible, and downright irrational. They will, as usual, wash their hands of any responsibility of their own actions and blame the person they attacked, rather than just simply acknowledge that they made a mistake. I find it nothing short of appropriate that a lot of these attackers are Atlas Shrugged thumping Randroids, who constantly whine about how people in society supposedly don’t take responsibility for themselves. The hypocrisy here is absolutely astounding.

I think this clearly describes the stupidity of those who put forward the idea that there is no culture of hate towards women.