“Being a Socialist” Facebook Page Sinks to a New Low

There’s a saying that goes: “The bigger you are the more they attack you.”

Two days ago the so-called “Being a Socialist” Facebook page posted an image of someone talking about me and proceeded to attribute their comments to myself when I was not the author.

being a socialist lie

The association fallacy is obvious here. I have not made this statement or any like it, but these people (particularly Barry) see fit to dishonestly stick me with its authorship. This was intended to use someone’s statement to attack me. Why else would the author of the post be censored and then my name attached to it in its place? They deliberately obscured the commenter who said what they didn’t like and substituted my name. This is even assuming the comment wasn’t fabricated to begin with.

Eventually someone who supports me flagged the post as harassing and as such it was removed.

being a socialist lie 2

This is unacceptable. Once the post was removed they proceeded to claim that they posted something I wrote and that it was this that was removed. They’ve changed the attack from falsely associating me with the post to outrageously claiming I wrote it. The libelous nature of this attack is laid bare for all to see. It is not enough that they make false accusations of homophobia, sexism, transphobia, for which they display no evidence. They have now lowered themselves to fabricating evidence for it. This is nothing short one of the most despicable acts they’ve taken.

I would think that a Facebook page which is about “being a socialist” would have better things to write about than myself. Their abnormal fixation on me is perturbing. I have insisted since day one that I am merely some guy on the internet. I am not important; I’m just a person giving an opinion. I have had pure haters who make entire series of videos to attack me who pay less attention to me than they do.

Their obsession with me crosses the line into despicable.

Facebook is a medium which can be used for education and discussion. Instead of raising the knowledge level of its visitors they instead use this medium as their own personal attack page like children. They are no better than any page titled “Shit X Say”. They are childish and counterproductive. “Being a Socialist” should be ashamed of themselves for their behaviour.

Their behaviour is a bright example of the uselessness, petty mindedness, and inherently reactionary nature of First Worldists. They cannot see beyond their own ignorant grudges and name calling to see the need for global revolution. While they libel and ad hominem each other on the internet there are tens of thousands in the Third World who struggle to end their oppression.

These people only wreck unity with their small mindedness and libel. These kinds of things don't happen in the Third World where struggle actually takes place.

“To indulge in personal attacks, pick quarrels, vent personal spite
[…] This is a fifth type.”
– Mao Tse-tung, Combat Liberalism 1937