Dodging Feminist Criticism While Posing as Ally

fake feminism

The top half of the image represents someone being criticized for their sexist behaviour. The bottom half represents someone else getting criticized for their sexist behaviour. The author and the attitude behind the creation of this image is saying it’s not real feminism when you criticize something I do, it’s only real feminism when you criticize something someone else does.

What I’d like to present to you is this image, a good example of avoiding criticism while claiming to support criticism. This is a tactic used primarily by leftists and liberals who pretend to support feminism. It’s a way of being a part of the attack on patriarchy while simultaneously being a part of it. It’s a way of avoiding one’s own responsibility for their hand in continuing oppression.

Here’s another example: someone opposes the existence of pornography yet defends it being allowed to exist if people choose to engage in it. This is essentially another way of saying “I oppose pornography and want it to stop because of its harmful effects, but I’m against actually stopping it.” Which means the person “against” pornography really isn’t against it at all.

Feminism has never stood for women being greater than men, this is a lie created by anti-feminists to oppose feminism. This image continues that lie.