Re: Did Jason Unruhe Refute my Video?

In my last blog post I laid out a refutation Josh Cardosi’s response to the women who walked for 10 hours in New York and catalogued the amount of times she was sexually harassed by men on the street. Since the post was made public Cardosi has offered a response that can be found here. Be warned it is an unnecessary 27 minutes long.

In my first post I systematically in point form laid out all of his claims and proceeded to prove each of them wrong. This largely stemmed from his seeming inexperience with sexual harassment. He dismisses what she suffers as insignificant and should therefore not be counted as harassment. In other instances he feels they are “not that bad”, which is a way of admitting it happened but is still negated being made meaningless. Thus we see his original intention was to claim that the video was wrong and that she was complaining over nothing. On top of this he compares statistics on suicide what has nothing to do with the content of the video. It is clear he set out to deny the video’s claims and then attempt to turn the tables and claim women are privileged by an ability to receive affection on command. Essentially his statement is to claim the harassment is nothing and doesn’t matter, then paint men as victims and falsely paint women as privileged while ignoring that the men were suffering from a man enforced system.

His response to my response was to say that he wasn’t trying to disprove anything and instead was “just trying to get people thinking”. His words now completely contradict his previous ones. His entire video was laid out as an attempt to minimize and dismiss everything that was presented in the recorded walk. There was no attempt to get people thinking. A presentation of evidence of both sides and balanced approach taking the woman’s presentation honestly would be “trying to get people to think”. His goal here is to avoid the criticism of his faulty arguments by claiming he never really made them when he certainly did.

In an astounding moment he claims that MRAs are not sexist. This alone says enough.

In a most clear way he is back peddling. My points about his argument remain.

On top of all of this I’d like add a real criticism of the “10 Hours of Walking in New York”. It has been reported that the footage has been edited to remove instances where White men harassed her. The creator admits to doing this. This act is clearly racist. In addition there is a claim of classism given the places where she walked, but I know little about that so I won’t bother commenting on it. These are real criticisms that could have been made but were not.

Cardosi’s reply contains nothing but rambling, going back and forth between points, and a general dodging of points. I find the thumbnail rather humorous as there is no vs., he was no opponent as he didn’t actuallt reply with anything.

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