US Man Crosses into the DPRK to Denounce US Domestic Policy and Abuses

Arturo Pierre Martinez

The media sometimes cannot help but rip off its own mask which conceals its true purpose. Take this example: a man has recently defected from the United States to the DPRK seeking asylum. The man identified himself as Arturo Pierre Martinez, 29, a U.S. citizen raised in El Paso, Texas. Upon crossing the border from China and he participated in a press conference where he denounced US domestic policy, governmental abuse of power, the out of control for profit prison system and its inherently undemocratic nature.

“The illegal war carried out against the nation of Iraq serves as a perfect example of how the U.S. government acts much like a Mafia enterprise, but criminally plundering entire nations of their resources, strategic reserves and economies instead of smaller scale business and individuals, and does so without a code of ethics.”

He said the electoral system in the United States “is unfairly built for the benefit of the wealthy through the necessity of costly fundraising for political candidates seeking office. The democracy of this nation is an illusion and its representatives act as nothing more than power brokers for those who can offer them.”

Of the wealthy people in the United States, he said, “These billionaires in power are nothing short of sociopathic megalomaniacs on the path to absolute world domination.”

He also talked about unidentified flying objects, CIA involvement in the cocaine trade, “ultrasonic” devices that cause people to hear voices and experience bodily discomfort and how the Western news media unfairly portrayed North Korea.

Martinez admits to illegally crossing into the DPRK and has received a pardon from the government for the act which he has expressed his thanks. He wrote a 4,000 word statement where he apologized and was “extremely grateful for having been pardoned from the punishments given to violators of these laws, and for the most generous reception I have received.” It appears that the man will suffer no legal consequences from the DPRK government.

Meanwhile his family has taken to the media in response to say that he has attempted the feat once before while in South Korea where he tried to swim across the border only to be stopped by authorities. After that incident he was taken back to the US where he was given a psychiatric assessment under detention in a mental health facility. According to his mother he suffers from bipolar disorder. According to her he outsmarted authorities into releasing. Upon his release he obtained a payday loan online and boarded a flight to China where the U.S. Embassy in Beijing had been looking for him.

While speaking to the media she thanked the DPRK government for releasing her son and was glad that they were sending him home. When questioned how she knew he was being sent back she answered that she had saw it in the press conference. The US media however is claiming that “the legal status of Martinez in North Korea is unclear and it’s unknown if he’s free to leave the country,” despite the fact the DPRK has already said that he was being released to US authorities in a attempt to twist the situation into making the DPRK appear as the villain rather than recognize that they have taken his mental illness into account and are treating him accordingly.

The media reporting of this incident has been quite digesting. Many outlets are passive-aggressively attacking his mental illness in order to attack the DPRK. Many have made such comments to the effect that you would have to be crazy to go to the DPRK. However it remains beyond their honesty to admit that the DPRK has entirely different priorities and social values which align with the complaints made by Martinez of US society. In addition to this they have used his mental health status to dismiss the very real criticisms he made of US domestic policy and the very real abuses that have been carried out against its population. Each day these crimes grow causing greater and greater levels of public outrage. This is to say nothing of the recent release of CIA report on the torture of prisoners many of whom they knew were innocent.

In this situation we truly see two import things: First, the US media will use anything no matter how small or unethical to attack the DPRK. Even to the point of using a mentally ill person to do so. Second, the US media will use any measure to minimize the crimes carried out by the government on behalf of the ruling class, even if that means using a mentally ill person to do so. Third, we see who really has value for human life. As the US is using him as a means to attack the DPRK, the DPRK is treating him according to his illness and returning him home to his family.

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